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  1. Exactly - I think "hardest" will depend on your point of view. English is classified as a Germanic language, and someone who already knows another Germanic language (like Dutch or Icelandic) will probably find it easier to learn English than someone who only knows a Slavic language (like Polish or Bulgarian).
  2. It's hard to pick a favourite, but one movie that springs to mind right now is A.I. Artificial Intelligence. I've watched it about five times, and I'd happily watch it again.
  3. We have welcomed little Calina into the world! She weighed 2,93 kg at birth and is doing very well. Her daddy chose the name, and I'm very happy with it. It seems to have created a special bond between them, which is marvellous. I really hope she will like her name. I think (and hope!) it's unusual without being bizarre. According to some sources, Calina means moon. So we'll definitely record the total lunar eclipse for her on Wednesday.
  4. Thanks for all the comments and good wishes, everyone! With just over a day to go, we still haven't decided on a name. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon...
  5. How has your name affected your life? Do you think you would have turned out differently if you had a different name? I don’t have a very common name (not too weird either, though!), and it always made me stand out a bit. Apart from the annoying fact that people are constantly mispronouncing and misspelling my name, I’m quite happy with it. In my home country (South Africa) there is a strong tradition among Afrikaans-speaking people to give their children family names. However, my parents didn’t follow this tradition, and my mother’s ultra-conservative family didn’t speak to her for months
  6. Damnit, our secret has been revealed! How did you guys discover this? Just to clarify, though: we don't use any foreign objects - each month every women has the sacred duty to kick her best female friend in the groin so that she keeps her mind focused on reality instead of spending her time coming up with ridiculous ideas and posting them on science forums.
  7. Turtle said this in post #17. Please acknowledge the sources you quote from! :)
  8. Boerseun's words, not yours. Please acknowledge your sources.
  9. This has already been said by HydrogenBond. Please acknowledge the sources you quote from and add something to the discussion.
  10. This is an exact repetition of what Kayra has said earlier. Did you want to add anything?
  11. This is a repeat of a previous post of mine. Did you want to comment on it? :)
  12. Nope. I don't hate what is written in the Bible, just like I don't hate what is written in Grimm's Fairy Tales. Talking pigs and sleeping princesses don't offend me in the least.
  13. Hola, Cuauhtzin. ¡Bienvenido! Sí, Salamanca está en España. La universidad allí es muy vieja y muy bonita. Yo soy sudafricana y mi lengua materna es afrikaans, pero me encanta el español.
  14. What are South African potatoes? :)
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