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What You Believe But Can Not Prove.

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There is an organization or community that goes by the name of edge that setup up a discussion where they had hundreds of scientists post well written thoughts on things in science that they believed could be true but could not prove or otherwise really talk about. That was untill they purposely decided to make a topic of discussion on exactly that.


Someone I know bought me the book, I enjoyed it. So I thought I would start a topic here where anyone that wants to can post an essay on what they might happen to believe but can not prove that connects a broad variety of their thoughts.


Anyone like to volunteer? I gotta go for now.

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...post an essay on what they might happen to believe but can not prove...

Almost anything you state about the Future falls into this category.


I believe that eventually, perhaps after a few disastrous experiments with faith-based government, or politically active fundementalism, Humanity will give up religion as anything more than a personal source of comfort and inspiration.


I believe that Humanity will survive the upcoming Energy Crunch as the Oil quickly runs out, leaving a billion trucks and SUVs rusting on the highways. It may not be "pretty", though. It could cost the world a billion in population.


I believe (hope strongly) (yearn unceasingly) (delude myself without guilt) that Humanity will find a practical way to get out to the Stars.


I believe that I have lived (almost) the best life that I possibly could have lived, given my circumstances and the society into which I was born.


I believe that medicine will eventually find cures for most of today's political opinions.

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What I think but can not prove...yet.


Photons are inherantly 2D. Electrons are 3D, but not the same dimensions as other matter. Protons are 3D, neutrons are liky 4D, although neither truly exists as a distinct particle. Time is a function of matter, and is not a true dimension in of itself(you cannot time-travel).


Of course these are things I ASSume

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I beleive but can not yet prove,


That in order for us to develope a unifying theory in cosmology physics we must delve so deep as to tie in consciousness with the theory. I think that once you add up all the basics in cosmology it is left without a source to its developement. When we look at our consciousness, it seems that it is one of the fundemental phenominas connected to the underlying operation. We can consider consciousness a product of a meaningless universe, or we can consider some form of consciousness giving meaning to the universe, then giving the product, existence.


If the universe appeared (regardless of your belief in the process of which it did appear) and in the process of its appearence, Electromagnetic Radiation and Matter (along with particles, Frequencies, gravity, Constents, Laws, Energy, mass) and all the other parts nessecery for its function and operation were created along with it, or, created along to make it (the universe), then at what point was color (Best to just deal with color, one at a time) created, or characterized as important, or stored somehow someway, so that when life finally came about (once the universe was cooled down and calm enough to allow it to appear and evolve) it would be able to experience the sensation or what have you of COLOR. But not only experience it, but find that it is actually assigned to specific frequencies which allows our consciousness to develope a code so to speak, so that not all is the same visual imprint (like all white), and things can be decifered and differentiated from one another, and ultimatly giving the ability to a consciousness or life form that can see, the seperate distinction from the substances (energy and matter) that create the 'information' of which allows a consciousness to distinguish itself other than these substances.


In short, here are the series of questions contained in the prior.


If the universe was designed,

Why was color created/designed along with the universe and somehow stored in an unkown way of some form of information or intelligence, with intention / design for when life evolves it is there for some forms of life's sight.?


Or if it was not designed for life to use,


Why did color appear along with the universe when color's substance has no use or part in the mechanics of the universes fundamental operations.? (operations like gravity, magnetism, light, matter, time).




How was color "created" after the universe had appeared? , so life could make use of this entity (color) to assist its survival for the very first life form that was capable to detect different light frequencies (aka colors). And yet further more, why was each primary color assigned to specific frequencies.


I used color or sight as one example of many life consciousness attributes (such as, emotion, feeling, hearing).


Further more on unifying theory,


I believe but can not prove that given the evidence that energy and matter are interchangable, and yet have several forms they can each take on, that because of this the universe is made up of one thing in various types fluctuation. A unifield dimension field of sorts. This fluctating field, (which is not like the quantum "field" you might be thinking of. Field in quantum field, means in the professional manner, the field of study known as quantum, and not an actual force field like some confuse it with. The quantum is a name for levels of quantized energy. This simply means, there are steps or integers of magnitude for light and all energies when you get down to a small enough scale of observation.) This fluctating field responds to a couple basic rules, of which we are getting a handle on. This field could be in the same relative way that for example, you are a human (one thing) but you can take on many personalities and states of mind, aswell as actions you perform, such as singing, painting, playing music. Like you this field is capable, by mathamatical means, to become many versions of itself.

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I believe* that the human brain developed in conjunction with the need to escape from danger and find food and sex, as such it is not designed or suited to handling even simple abstract ideas. Human thinking and logic are by-products of language, with a role in the danger/food/sex story and are primarilly of social significance.

The intoxicating confusion of not understanding, when trying to think, is what makes it such fun.


* "Believe" isn't the word I'd choose. At the moment, one of my interests is in why humans dont understand, however, I'm more interested in the mechanics of not-understanding, than in mooting it's evolution. Also, I have no interest, intention or ambition to prove this.

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* "Believe" isn't the word I'd choose. At the moment, one of my interests is in why humans dont understand, however, I'm more interested in the mechanics of not-understanding, than in mooting it's evolution. Also, I have no interest, intention or ambition to prove this.


how about- *perceive* to be true but cannot prove?

Perception , from sensory stimulus helps understand the mechanics of "why" of understanding. :evil:


I am as unambitious as any fool.

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Believe is the right word for me.


If someone tells you fish tastes good. You might look at the cooked fish, and Believe that the fish is good tasting based on what someone told you.


However untill you taste it, and allow your brain to create a distinguished liking or disliking to the impulses it places on your tounge you will not know, and will continue to believe or disbelieve that fish is good.


With these ideas, we may tell ourselves in our thinking logic that our idea is possibly true. We may believe this. However we do not know, untill we cook it up and test it. Knowing, is how we get relative understaning.


If you would like me to re-word this topic, I can do that aswell.


What science related concept do you consider a possibilty of being acurate based from your logical notions and imagination, but lack the resources required to prove it. A concept you would like to share with others without making any claims.


Often times when great minds make best estimated guesses geared to solving some mystery's and problems a correct detail will seep through.

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I'm not suggesting you reword the title of the thread. Of course there are things that I believe but none would be interesting for this topic, whereas what I provided as, in my opinion, an interesting contribution, is not something I believe. In short, my footnote about "believe" related specifically to my post, not to the thread or to the contributions of other posters, if they say they believe something, I believe them.

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Suits me very well:)


There are many thoughts that I believe will be proved one day, but there are no proofs today!


Some of them are:


  1. Thoughts exist as independent entities, hence they do travel in space!
  2. Genes are not the ultimate factors that determine the capabilities of a person, influences from people around during the formative years make a significant contribution!
  3. Inter personal communication sans em waves is possible!
  4. The substances that we take in do effect our thinking processes.
  5. It should possible to cultivate great personalities.
  6. It would be possible to use hydrogen cakes for fuel one day.
  7. Proteins and enzymes are not the only substances inside a cell that control its energetics.


I have had posted my thoughts on most of these topics on Hypography, and shall continue to do so!!!!:star:

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I believe but can not prove, but would like to investigate,


That there is another fundamental entity in this universe adding to the current list of the fundamentals;


Matter - a version that energy can take on.

EMR Energy - a version that energy can take on.

Time - a possible dimension that rules how these versions operate to ones perspective.


There are two for sure details that make up the universe. Matter and Energy. Time is a detail that looks very plausible as a distinct part of the fundamental details.


The 3rd (or 4th if we include time in the list) entity I believe could exist is information. Information may different dimension, different energy, or different fabric concept (fabric concept like space-time).


This is a symbolic representation of the 3 details.

This 3 dimensional diagram is to be looked at as though the middle point is the point furthest away from us and the arrow lines to be coming at us. And where we are on this passage is where we are in the NOW of time.


This following Image displays the concept I am trying to describe. The image Furthest to the right. In this image we lable each axis with (x) Matter, (y)Energy, and (z)information, all contained in the Phi ratio Spiral, that is time flow constant for an observers frame. (Please ignore the Da Vinci image as part of this post. This is the only picture I have at the moment to show.)


In the theory of Relativity (special), as we travel towards the speed of light, or as an observer travels towards the speed of light, everything inside the observers reference frame remains the same. In the word Everything, we include, the matter, his measurement and experience of the speed of EMR, and his version or measurement of time and his information.

(Further on I will elaborate on what this third entity of information is all about.)

But, as this observer travels more quickly, the space and time, matter, and energy around him -in other reference frames- 'at rest' DOES change.


So as we look at the diagram at the far right containing the 3 axis lines and the spiral, we can consider our consciousness as the filter in which passes through this diagram, or vice versa, the diagram that was created to pass through the consciousness or "observer frame".

This diagram helps display of how to see movement in time-reality without vector or spacial movement. We look at the movment as the forward movement through the time spiral (forward only, at variey magnitudes), in this way to describe and visualize 'movement through time' without invisioning spacial movement. As you sit and read this I suggest you are in the 'constant' passing of this diagram.


Okay so,

What is it that I mean by information?

Why does it deserve a label as a fundamental entity for the diagram of the universe?


Lets take a look at the world around us. Most of all things can be catagorized as either patterns or codes. It could be worded differently but this discription keeps it simple.


Patterns occur naturally - no help required from a 'designer' (a mind, an idea). Many patterns occur in nature without the help of a designer – snowflakes, tornados, hurricanes, sand dunes, stalactites, rivers and ocean waves. These patterns are the natural result of what scientists categorize as chaos and fractals. These things are well-understood and we experience them every day.


Codes, however, do not occur without a designer. Examples of symbolic codes include blueprints, languages like English and Chinese, computer programs, and DNA. The essential distinction is the difference between a pattern and a code. Chaos can produce patterns, but it has never been shown to produce codes or symbols. Codes and symbols create information, which is not a property of matter and energy alone. Information itself is a separate entity on par with matter and energy. Information is passed by the medium of either matter or energy(EMR), or both. Information however originates or exists in its own respectable axis/dimension. Information can be destroyed almost instantly when lost in the natural pattern side of things. For example, a song and the information that makes the song can be lost through the 'patterns' of wind of the air that acts as the medium for the information. The song can distort or become lost as it starts acting pattern like.


Another thing that is information but not a pattern is DNA. The DNA 'code' is a language. No information can be contained in the realm of natural pattern. So we can wonder about the language of DNA and the information that developed it.


The ratio of Phi could be a pattern or code. It appears in many places in this universe and there has been a few enlightening topics in this forum on the Phi ratio.


This is a concept of which I would like to investigate and by no means is any statement a claim or is any diagram an actual mathamatical appliable system. Rather, it is a rough way of looking at the concept of information being another part in the fundamentals of this universe. Although all the patterns that exist in this universe are under operation by certain laws, and constants of which we have discovered. Are these laws and constants designs or patterns?

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I believe that Psionics are real and exist within the Standard Model of Quantum Physics.


I believe that Electro-Magnetic force is actually two seperate forces and that all other forces are born of these two.


I believe that all are one, and that one is all.


I believe that particles are hyper-geometries.


I believe that c is the maxium speed and that to go fast than that is impossible as it would be limited by the quantum properties of charge.


I believe that electrons are not infact a fundemental particle but are composed of even smaller particles, of the true fundementals.


I believe that Protons are unstable, with an extreamely long half-life.


I believe that when I close my eyes, the world disappears and all that is left is me and my thoughts, alone.


... I have more but I will leave it for latter.

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