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  1. I was reminded of this discussion today while going through an article in the Science magazine. According to the research report the teacher can well be the extra chromosomal source of info:)
  2. You seem to lack clarity:( Let me explain! Many processes in living systems are also irreversible (permanent) just is the case with the changes brought about by boiling an egg, so what is the logic of treating denaturation of proteins on boiling an egg? Similarly, what is so special about the D- amino acids vis a vis L- amino acids? Most likely the fact that "there are left handed and right handed proteins, but only one of these is bio-active" is a result of chance, life could have originated differently, no one can rule out that alternate forms of life are also possible! In chemistry, w
  3. Interesting HydrogenBond! But tell me how does your blog helps us to understand life? At best it describes Life in terms of a thermodynamic state function "Entropy" which in most cases is difficult to measure or calculate. For example can you tell me how to measure (or calculate) the entropy of an Egg or even the change that accompanies when it is cooked? I tried to address this question on Vimarsh, but succeeded rather usatifactorily, as you can see if you browse through my discussion in the following link: Vimarsh :: View topic - Boiling of egg and Entropy
  4. Despite all the above discussion, life remains a mystery, if only because life is seldom found in isolation. A living being is alive only under a certain environment which includes other living beings. We had discussed it in a thread entitled "Mystery of Life" in an eforum that i presently administer, it is called Vimarsh. If you are interested to view it, please follow the link below: Vimarsh :: View topic - The Mystery Of life
  5. In my humble opinion time and its measurement are very intricately linked. We had on yet another forum called vimarsh discussed about measuring time, may be some of you may like to go through the thread :). The link to the thread is as follows: Vimarsh :: View topic - measuring time???
  6. hallenrm

    What is it?

    What i am trying to convey is how often people can be duped, When it is claimed that stones are floating, the common perception is about granite stones not pumic stones. So it is perceived to be strange. When someone views a video posted on U tube, one cannot make out what kind of stones they are. Video images can be very deceptive, as they may be in the present case!
  7. hallenrm

    What is it?

    Yes, but they very well may be like tubifex worms cited in this thread! Can't they be?
  8. hallenrm

    What is it?

    I think the readers of this thread may like to go through a thread in a similar issue, the thread is entitled Floating stones in Ram setu. It is about the so called floating stones that were similarly reported for an ancient bridge between Rameshwaram in India and Sri Lanka.
  9. Isn't it strange, that none of the members of this science forum volunteered so far to experiment? After all experimentation is the hall mark of science! Or isn't that so?
  10. No, Rade, life is never self initiated:)
  11. Thanks alexander your tip was quite helpful, only you forgot to add to choose set to Default option. Once I did it, it is quite O.K.! :) BTW i opened the Boot.ini file too, but was a bit scared to edit it (I really do not want a dead system now)
  12. Dear Mohit, I think your question is framed wrongly, consciusly or unconciously! :) First of all, Let us ask, Do all biological organisms reproduce? The obvious answer is no, there are plenty of examples of organisms that do not reproduce, may be not of an entire species! The next question would be, Why do all members of a species that are capable of reproducing reproduce? This is a bit tricky. There are of course many human beings who are perfectly capable of producing offsprings, but have chosen not to! Thus to exercise the choice of reproducing by those organisms that have it, has r
  13. Let me give it a try :rolleyes: Thermodynamic entropy is a measure of disorder in physical systems, say a gas, in a vessel that is made up of billions of atoms/molecules. In formation entropy, on the other hand is the uncertainity in real life situations, where the number of options is much more limited, like in the case of roulette you have used as an example. They appear to be complementary to each other! ;)
  14. That's indeed a very interesting discourse wigglieverse but ypur opinions do not match mine. For me, information is a characteristic of each and every particle of the universe, just like energy :D
  15. I would rather say there is information in each and every photon. That a brain may construe it as a particular bit of information, is another matter. As asserted above, that's not my assertion! I shall attempt to do so, in due course of time:)
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