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Isn't she a he? :cup:


Not that it matters...


I thought he was a she for some reason? Was wondering what "her" motivation for the post was. Then thought to myself, why do you think the person is female?


Crap, hope this doesn't make me a sexist! I pride myself on being tolerant and of minimal bias :)

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Yes, but I can say from experience that the staff here are very quick to point to the rules in situations like that and discourage such things. So all posts after the first warning were either in defiance or Tidusgiya simply did not feel the need to heed the aforementioned warnings. My CP still bears the scar from my failure to heed a friendly warning from Tormod. (all caps)


In short this site has rules as members we agree to follow those rules. If we choose not to we bear the consequences. It was T's choice.:Waldo:

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real nice to hear that some people approach the rules rationaly, rather then "aah hit accept here and we will break every one of them, oh, and we get upset because we didnt read the rules to begin with and what are mad because they are imposing the rules on us" type of deal... yeah, generally all caps=bad.....

now i'ma go and check whether there are any rules on 1337 5p34|< :Waldo:

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leet speak.

elite speak.

it's a way to manipulate our languages pragmatic symbols and turn them into Other letters.


look, I'm tired.

hackers used to use it as a code language (yeah right, i just lied to you. it was just a method of speaking spoken by computer nerds, and still is. Barely)


It's straight up bullshit and annoying.

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