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There is always one more bug


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I am still getting multiple emails per some posts. However,

the problem is better than it used to be on the old server.

There I often got 3 or more emails per post. Now many

posts only give me 1 email, and some give me 2.



We will soon be patching the forums, hopefully that patch fixes this.

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Guest chendoh
All my subscriptions are gone!:angel: Anyone else?:eek2:


Yes, There are times when first logging in, its gone, or its there... or the list will be small or big.

Plus, my Subscription list can Shrink, and then grow back to its original size. When I move to different pages within the Gallery, and go back to it.

Since reading about the server change, I'm living with it :eek2:

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Guest chendoh

Okay, I see what you mean. I was unsure what Turtle meant.


However, I still think that is the area that shrank, and grew during the same session.

Are there run-time limits placed on this form box? Is that why I'm seeing the change?

Is it an 'effect' between email notification, and listing subscriptions there?


I'll keep my eye on it.


shank, and brew…..sounds like a pub!

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Not that I have 'bad posts' to make, but I notice I don't have an 'orange bad post button' next to my 'rep button' :singer:
The "Report Bad Post" button sends e-mail to us moderators to let us know that someone thinks there's something offensive or otherwise bad about a particular post that we ought to take action upon. Typically, you won't think your *own* posts are offensive, and won't report them to us! :D So on your *own* posts, there is no little red button.


We haven't singled you out as being above reproach, honest. You're being watched. :singer:


"The behavior is by design,"


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Guest chendoh

Just had a strange one.


At 4:14pm est, I went to reply at quirky science facts, used a quote, couple of smilieys, and a URL.


Sent the reply, and it came back Invalid link. Checked subscription and reply was there. :secret:

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Guest chendoh

Just happened again. sending last post.


Only this time, at 4:33pm est post was recieved, but The page would not go back to 'one more bug'. I had to get back on fourm through 'user cp'.


Could it be heavy east coast traffic? I recently upgraded to DSL

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