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I am pleased to announce that in 30 years of existence I have achieved nothing! :hyper:

through years of persiverance and struggle I am little further towards any goal I or anyone else has set for my life. :Waldo:


Yesterday spent 5 hours welding 1" plate made absolutly nothing to the cost of $100!

nothing sure is expensive! :(



(ok my eyeballs are screwed ...just submitted this post, saw lots ao caps, came back to edit...no extra caps aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughgghghgg! ;) all of this drama ovre nothinf!)

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this is confusing! o wait no its not...its not even here becuase its nothing...(this is the empty space where a smiley would be, but unfortunatly can not be becuase this thread must maintain being about nothing , and a smiley face any way you may argue it is in fact something.)

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