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    I love physics and enjoy reading as much as I can about it, I'm 21 now.
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    I am nowhere... Yet I am everywhere... All at once!
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  1. I noticed that :). I was kinda shocked to see how many replies/views that thread has received. How's the rest of the old crew been? Jay, Buffy, infamous, orb, Irish, OpenMind... How many are even still active?
  2. Maybe this has been posted before. I'm not sure, but I am sure Tormod and others can appreciate it :) "I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." — Stephen Roberts
  3. But I eventually found my way back :). Grown up a bit in that amount of time... rather embarrassing actually looking back at some of my old posts. How you people ever tolerated me I'll never know. I might start popping in a bit more regularly soon though. Anyways, good to be back. I'm not sure if I'll keep this account, or stick with the new one I've created: Xero~
  4. Dark Mind


    Welcome to the shark tank, Muzzwezz. Hope you enjoy your stay here, and we all look forward to hearing more from you :).
  5. I'm planning on being immortal. So far, so good. -Boerseun
  6. Oblivion was sadly disappointing :). Sorry. Halo was great. Halo 2 was far too easy. And I can't wait to do a HALO :hyper:. HALO = High Altitude Low Open. I can't remember exactly, but I think you have to willingly throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane at 40,000', then open your 'chute at like 1,500' :eek:. Military uses this to avoid radar detection :hihi:.
  7. Trying to attain perfection? Seems a little ambiguous and extremely difficult. Well, hell, maybe it isn't very difficult (The amibiguity could make it a very simple purpose.). I'm sure there are loads of people who think they and their soul are perfect just the way they are... Because God, in all His omniscience, made each and every one of us "perfect". I like my idea of our purpose being to create a purpose for our life. And I'm perfectly okay with that being your purpose for your life, but I created this thread mainly to find out what other people thought could be a "broad" approach
  8. The Matrix Trilogy were awesome movies! :eek: They only sucked when you watched them more than one time through, the second time through you really pick up on the special effects used... There are a couple clips in the final fight scene that are just corny as hell and made me almost feel embarassed for some reason I can't quite discern...
  9. :hihi: Maybe I should change the thread title to "Do You Have A Headache? ... You Will After This!" :D. I think it would fit nicely =].
  10. "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." --Maya Angelou
  11. Bleh... Too much reading all at once, and that second post was so dry... I don't know what 9/10 of that stuff is! What does that mean?? :confused: I recommend posting a brief section of the article and a link to the rest if one wishes to continue it, unless you can help explain what stuff like "Androgen" (Mentioned in post 5, and seems to be the main topic jointly with testosterone... But I have no clue what "androgen" is...) is for those of us ignorant to such knowledge. About the only things I got were that in order to save your prostate, your gonna have to drink enough beer to ruin
  12. Sleep debt? Now that's looking at it in a negative light... Just think of all the extra time that you spend awake, constantly learning new and exciting things :hihi:. Kinda hard to experience life when your unconscious on a bed :shrug:. I enjoy being awake and can't stand the thought that whilst I'm sleeping, I could be awake doing something. I'd much rather experience life in a conscious state :doh:.
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