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Greetings all!


[edit]The chat is on! You can reach the chat by one of three methods. There is a link called "Chat" at the top of the forum pages. You can also go to the forum front and click on the FlashChat icon near the bottom. Or you can use this handy link right here:



For those unfamiliar with it, we are currently discussing Hypography v2 in a special channel. Once you have entered, you will see this channel on the right side of the screen. You can join by using an IRC like command "/join Hypo2 discussion", or use the box near the top of the chat.[/edit]


I would like to propose a live chat to everyone for the date of January 14th, 2007. I, the server administrator and grumpy hermit, will surface for the day to discuss among other things, Hypography and it's future. As some may know or figured, we are planning a large scale update to the entire site. For close to a month some of you have given your thoughts and opinions about different features you would like to see. Which the staff and I appreciate with no small amount of gratitude. From these ideas, after this Sunday, we plan to move forward with development. This could be your last chance to squeak in a suggestion until after the update (which could be months away!!).


If you have no suggestions for Hypography, then drop by to meet your fellow pursuers of knowledge! Not like I would miss the chance to meet some of you, and talk about something other then work for an hour or two. :hihi:


Just for a little more information, I will most likely join the chat around 11 am (GMT-6), and stay well into the evening. No need for an invite, or to confirm your attendance here. Show up whenever you like. Even if that means well before my arrival.




P, p, p, pwease don't leave me hanging.



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If I come I'll probably bring a hang-over with me, because saturday we have a small party at our hous as it is my girlfriend's anniversary...and even if we are veryfew some of her friends are very good drinkers...

Seriously I don't know if I can make it to participate, but I'll try.

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