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Are you a Scientist?


Are You A Scientist?  

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  1. 1. Are You A Scientist?

    • I am a scientist
    • I am a scientist in training
    • I am a employed as a scientist
    • I am a scientist as a private pursuit
    • I am an atheistic scientist
    • I am an agnostic scientist
    • I am a religious scientist
    • Science is my religion
    • I am not a scientist
    • I am afraid of science

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I concider myself a Scientist, however I do not have the formal documentation for such a claim, I can not claim to have learned from any prestigious university. I have not worked with any "great" minds on any ground breaking projects, besides the Hypography Crowd.


I am a humble self styled afficionato. I work with what I know, and I strive to understand more, to learn the answers to my questions, so that I maybe led to learn of new questions.


So are you asking in the professional (gets payed), or the level of Scientific Enlightenment (Does it for higher reason than that of the all mighty dollar.)

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So are you asking in the professional (gets payed), or the level of Scientific Enlightenment (Does it for higher reason than that of the all mighty dollar.)


Both, but certainly more interested in the latter. Scientists who burn inside to know the way things work are the ultimate religionists; they just don't know it. ( I see you answered science is your religion) :) :hammer:

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What are the criteria for being considered a scientist?


From MPoV, a scientist is a curious, thinking, choosing, creative, combining, and discriminating observer of universe phenomena who classifies the mathematical facts inherent in the mechanistic phases of the material side of creation.




PS: thanks for your response this morning Bill; as you can see, I finally got an answer.:)

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Edella, I respect you veiw, I would like it to be known that that statement is very much a real.ism for me. I find that I can express spirituallty through Mathematics, Laws and Theory. I have a hardtime understand why it is that various people choose to keep these concepts seperate, as extreames are dangerous, and to be used in moderation.


As a oddball out, by most of science and religion's standards, with an ecclectic spiritual and factual education, having been in my (short) time here, Baptist, Universal Life Church, Johrei, Buddhist, Taoist, Animaemist, Aethist, Agnostic and Seclular humanist. In no particular order.


People often find my veiws on the world to be very odd, but I also find that people's veiws on the world I find very odd. To me it is intuitive that their is some emphermal property, which one might call the "soul", and that there is some guiding force to it all. It gives me comfort to realize that you know, maybe I'm not so deathly alone in this vast universe.


Now I'm going to get a little sappy here, so bare with me, as I don't like to talk about my veiws regarding religion, except where I believe it to be benificial. It is in my code of ethics to follow the teachings of Jesus, and the one that often comes up with this subject is: "Pray not in the public, be wailing the glory of god, for their reward is here and now. instead pray in secret, enter into your closet and pray there, where only god may hear you, for your reward will be in the kingdom of heaven."


One of my core beliefs is that universe is what we would call god, and that all the things within it are the imaginings thereof. Me and you, we are the children then of god and the tenders of a beautiful garden, of which we have some modicum of control over. Not because we are human, or special, but simply because we are. I suspect that the universe decides on what happens next by something which science can't yet measure. Belief. Not human cognition, but the raw potential of energy, charge, mass, spin and whatever else you can think of.


I think that particles dream, that we dream as a result. I think that particles think, that we think as a result. I think and therefore I am. who is? I am.

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I apologize for my outburst, and for any offense, resentment or anyother unpleasant side effect of my outburst, but I was moved by compassion and conviction.


I don't see that you have anything to apologize for; if more people spoke with their true convictions and compassion, the place would be a lot brighter.

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A scientist?


I am an inquiring mind. If it is a challenge I will chase it for the sake of meeting the challenge alone.


I just want to persue mystery and create positive change in global life experience. Call me what you will in what I do, officially or not. lol. I will be doing what I do.

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Scientists who burn inside to know the way things work are the ultimate religionists; they just don't know it.
Saitia ,I guess I just resent the "they just don't know it."part.I don't consider myself a religious person,yet I would never tell one who is that they are something different and"just don't know it,"even if I thought that were the case.I respect your opinion and didn't mean to imply it is not worthy of discussion.I thought we went over this on another thread,perhaps I'm wrong.My apologies if my tone was insulting.
I apologize for my outburst

What outburst? I wish my outbursts were that coherent.

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After having published numerous articles in Foundations of Physics, American Journal of Physics, Physics Essays, International Journal of Quantum Information, Modern Physics Letters, Journal of Consciousness Studies etc. I suppose I can call myself a scientist. But sometimes I'm ashamed of belonging to this group. In my eager and misguided youth, I had faith in science: scientists are the people who want to know the truth. More, they want to deceive neither themselves nor others. But I came to realize that it isn't like that at all. As Einstein said, the community of true searchers has at any time only a few members. To the rest the following dictum of William James applies:

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.

Anyone who reads this is of course exempted. :)


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I chose the top choice & my at-hand-justification comes from Trimtab.



100.017 Children conduct their spontaneous explorations and experiments with naive perceptivity. They have an innate urge first subjectively to sort out, find order in, integratively comprehend, and synergetically memory-bank their experience harvests as intertransformability system sets. Thereafter they eagerly seek to demonstrate and redemonstrate these sets as manifest of their comprehension and mastery of the synergetic realizability of the system's physical principles. Consequently children are the only rigorously pure physical scientists. They accept only sensorially apprehensible, experimentally redemonstrable physical evidence.


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I pretend to be a scientist :)

Didn't see that option...


And as stated previously, if I pretend enough, then I can actually convince myself that I am one. :D


Its good to know Hypography Minds are so interested in science, and the pursuit of knowledge. :hammer:

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