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  1. You did state that heroin is legal in Afghanistan, which led me to believe the stats were current. And considering the Taliban's strict interpretation of Islamic Law during its rule (1995 until 2001), I find it hard to believe heroin was legal for domestic consumption in those years. If you could provide a source and a date for these numbers, and your contention that heroin (was?) legal in Afghanistan, I would be grateful.
  2. Hi hamihaha. Silly question: I've heard on a few occasions that the Chinese symbol for the word trouble depicts "two women under one roof" and have been unable to verify if that is true. It sounds a little suspect to me (but hilarious). True or false?
  3. According to this document from the Ministry of Counter Narcotics in Afghanistan, dated 17 Dec. 2005 :http://www.mcn.gov.af/eng/downloads/documents/drug_law.pdf, heroin use is NOT legal in the Afghanistan. Excerpt - Article 27: Consumption of illegal drugs, and treatment of dependant persons or addicts 1. Any person who uses or possesses for the purpose of personal consumption any substance or mixture containing a substance listed in Tables 1 through 4, other than as authorized for medical treatment or by this law, shall be punished as follows: (a) Heroin, morphine, and cocaine, or any
  4. Unlike Cedars, I never clued in to anything that would suggest the bridge was dangerous. I've crossed this bridge hundreds of times in the ten years I've lived in Minneapolis and never thought twice about it. I live about a mile and a half away from the bridge in N.E. Minneapolis, and at the time of the collapse the power went out briefly and my internet connection was down for two days. I'm fairly certain I heard the collapse, but I live near a railway station (where loud metallic crashes are frequent) and thought nothing of it. Initial reports on the radio led me to believe it was minor. It
  5. I'm confused pianoman. I took this comment: - to mean you no longer question any aspect of your faith. Maybe you can explain to me what you meant by this. The first statement seems to contradict the second.
  6. On the contrary. I understand your words to mean that your faith will be steadfast and unchanging in the face of any conceivable evidence to the contrary offered by anyone -ever. You will outright reject anything that contradicts your personal faith. Nothing will ever be added or taken away.
  7. Spare us your pity, it's condescending and you know it.
  8. Peacemaker, please realize that many of us have been offered similar promises of everlasting peace, and are pretty skeptical of such bold claims, and even more so when the person becomes defensive and angry when the "gift" is not immediately accepted. Now, this seems hardly the kind comment I would expect from someone with the secret to everlasting peace. Don Rickles is one of the few people I know of that can get away with hurling insults at his audience and leaving them wanting more. For all I know, you may have the answers to the world's greatest problems. I assume you want to get y
  9. Edella


    Buy the firmest tofu you can find , wrap tightly in cheesecloth, place in a sturdy sieve , or tofu press box A total tofu kit for making homemade tofu and put something heavy and solid (10 lbs. or more) on the tofu for a few hours. Experiment with weights and time to get the desired firmness. I've made tofu press boxes out of bread pans with some holes drilled in it and bricks work nicely as weights. Or course the tofu will take the shape of your box and weights. Good luck!
  10. Seeing all the butterflies in my garden this summer got me thinking about the process of insect metamorphosis, and more specifically the evolution of this process. What is the advantage for the insect? Why would natural selection produce this adaptation? Although I have a basic understanding of the processes of evolution, my searches have led me to pages that are, quite frankly, over my head, require subscriptions or simply describe the process without offering any theory on its evolution. Can anyone suggest books or web sites that describe the current theory or hypothesises regarding g
  11. Thats certainly not my assumption. I would venture to guess that very few who support separation of church and state believe it would remove (all) ideology from politics. It seems to me that all political parties and activist groups in fact base their operations around one or more ideologies.
  12. I don't understand palmtreepathos. I don't think anyone has said that a lack of belief in something is proof of its non-existence. Have I missed your point?
  13. As I'm sure you know, one must be an officer to be an Air Force pilot. An admissions team evaluates applicants based on academic achievement, character , athletic ability and leadership. You then need to take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, and a host of other exams to see if you have what it takes to be a leader. In the quotes above you have shown yourself to be unfit to be an officer in the U.S. Air Force, much less be responsible enough to pilot a multi-million dollar aircraft. Like it or not, being an officer in the Air Force requires a high level of responsibility, accountability
  14. We have a similar problem with Muslim taxi drivers in Minneapolis who are refusing to accept passengers transporting alcohol or service dogs. If you drink, some cabbies won't drive - CNN.com Last year, airport officials said alcohol-bearing passengers were being refused service an average of 77 times a month, though that figure dropped drastically after new airplane travel safety rules prohibited liquids in carry-on luggage. The Somali drivers argue that because there are so many cabs at the airport, if a cab driver passes up a fare, he can just go to the cab a few feet down the aisle. No on
  15. As a young drummer, I neglected much of my theory classes, thinking it wouldn't help my drumming all that much and I truly regret it. I just wasn't interested in playing tympani or mallet instruments, and only studied lessons I thought would help my trap set playing.:shrug: Although I neglected a lot of music theory in school, I've noted that my strengths (note value, syncopation, dynamics, etc.) are what many non-percussion musicians have problems with. With the exception of a musician who can't tune their instrument, there's nothing worse than a band member with bad time. Anyway, here
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