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  1. I have always enjoy your insights Craigd, and this response was no different. In this case though, the scope of the statement is a bit telling. "a grave danger to the liberty of women, and by extension, all humankind" would imply a global issue instead of an issue isolated to specific countries. I am of the opinion that all societies are a result of an evolutionary process. Both from founding themselves on various predecessors (inheritance) and ongoing adaptation from environmental stressors. An often forgotten but critical part of the process is the evolutionary "Dead end". This is wher
  2. Personally I relate school grades to the length of the skirt. That perspective has as much relevance as your statements, and just as firmly supported. The cleverness you mention might just be the fact that the debate between evolution and creationism has nothing whatsoever to do with the decline of grades. “Education should be teaching logic, reason, and the ability to think”. This as opposed to what religion teaches? Evolution does stand on it's own, and has done so for a a generation. Again, anthropomorphizing a theory with “Feelings” is silly. Trying to invoke the right to teach dog
  3. Hey H.B. Interesting direction, anthropomorphizing a theory :) Evolution is fact. Darwinism is an evolving theory that tries to fit evolution with the observed facts. ID is an assertion that posits nothing that can be challenged, and so is not a theory at all but an opinion. Are there any competing THEORIES to the various Darwinisms? If so, trot them out and teach those in the school. Remember, if your looking to speak to someone about challenging various aspects of Darwinism, speak to an evolutionary biologist, they do it all the time. We should all keep in mind that Darwinism does not
  4. Hey folks I think that WikiLeaks has evey right... in fact they have an obligation... to expose descisions that are in breach of social responsibility. They fulfill the same role as journalists in this regard. On the down side, WikiLeaks has none of the checks and balances that journalists do. They do not bind themselves to the same obligations either. They stepped over a line when they published documents that expose real people to serious danger, and little in those leaked documents truly served the role of ensuring social responsibility in the decision makers.. This is neither ethical
  5. Heya Pyrotex What is the relevance of the host (and consequently the community of cancer cells) dying have to do with that cancer community showing all the signs of evolution? Extinctions occur constantly. Communities constantly died out because they ravage the environment that spawned them. Does that mean an evolutionary proccess did not occur while they existed? <rewritten for clarity>
  6. Well drat. So much for my "Origional" idea :0 Thanks for the amazing amount of information Maikeru.
  7. Hey Craig :hyper: I was referring to the cancer showing all of the aspects of evolution, not that the cancer was a separate life form. The cells themselves can be considered the organisms, genetically differing from the host in a small way initially, and in far more drastic ways as it evolves. (Since the host locks down mutations in its normal cells). The genetic similarities though, are not the point I was trying to make, nor must they be genetically different to cause an evolutionary effect (Excluding disabling the inherently anti-evolutionary growth/mutation braking systems). The fac
  8. Hey folks. Has anyone noticed (way to many pages to search back through) that cancer is a perfect example of every aspect of evolution? Initial mutation of the cell division braking system to allow hyper-reproduction is required to start the process Past that, the cancer community has to: Suffer death from internal and external signals ordering apoptosis (selective pressure to bypass/disrupt/disable varied mechanisms) Turn off or dial down genetic repair to allow mutations. Suffer predation (selective pressure to evade predation) from leukocytes. Suffer lack of resources (Selective pressu
  9. The more I think on it, the more I come to realize that we effectively have ended our own biological evolution in any meaningful way. The time scale that evolution works on is just too long. By the time that any changes are brought about to the majority of the population, we will have gained complete mastery (and hopefully adequate understanding) of genetic process to effectively ignore biological evolution. While epigenetics appears to give vastly quicker adaptations, it is still limited to what the genome allows. Any adaptations to allow us to better suit an environment are already withi
  10. HydrogenBond, I never would have guessed you were a science buff <grin> :computerkick: The spotlight was shone on evolution by those wishing to usurp, weaken, and ultimately remove it from public school curriculum. It was a small spotlight mind you, shone only at the perceived discrepancies found within the theory itself. The scientific community responded in defense by shining a brighter light on the entire theory, faults and all. The necessity of teaching the only scientific theory to date that has a decent chance of explaining our very existence can not really be understated, so
  11. Cooloola: Interesting information. Is there a correlation between those people living with liver disfunction and those that are overweigiht? What I mean by that is: Is this problem more prevalent in those countries that are ahead of the curve in obesity then in those that are not, and to a similar degree? If so, then it could certainly be considered a symptom of the problem.
  12. I will not quote as it is getting to long. Nitack: Irrelevant qualifications also do not make you an expert, nor add weight to unsupported claims. You are most certainly entitled to your beliefs as to why we are getting fat. I do not want to frame a solution to a cause I have no confirmation of. I will leave that to you. I did not say the cause was not biologically based, just not based on a change in genetics. I am not stating you are wrong in your conclusion, only that it is unsupported (please present something concrete to support your position) and that many other possibilities hav
  13. Unless you have qualifications not yet proclaimed you are no more an expert then a diabetic is on diabetes. Regardless, it is not relevant to this thread, please start a new one if you wish to pursue this. Those interested in your perspective can freely participate without sidetracking this thread. Nitack, until you can put forth an suggestion as to why some countries are getting obese at a rate 2-5 times the rest of the first world countries then no understanding as to the root cause has been reached, and I believe suggestions to solutions are premature. My beloved Canada is also getti
  14. Oops. I meant to point to this comment, not my other post.
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