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  1. Its inevitable that a lack of content will in itself come to be a form of content. The secret is to constantly re-invent what nothing is.
  2. Rules: No consecutive posts. No text (apart from these rules). No posts by anyone other than myself and Racoon.
  3. You are continuing to misconstrue what I have said. I am attempting to present a Social Darwinistic arguament, not a moral one. In terms of SD, the entier purpose of cultural conflict is for one culture to dominate to as great an exent as possible the other. In these terms, it is indeed necessary for one culture to take whatever opportunity it is presented with to destroy a rival culture. If you find the specific topic of Manifest Destiny, about which this thread was created, too 'rascist' to tolerate, I would point out the cultural spread of the Han chinese culture, which has similarly oblite
  4. Fiction. Peoples actions are directed towards the fulfilment of thier own interests. Any apparent coordination or planning is emergent, and not necessarily intentional.
  5. And what racsist staements are these, pray tell? I suggest you read what i actually said before slandering me. It requires the elimination of the rival culture. Wether that is thru a process of cultural assimilation or thru the annihilation of the bearers of the rival culture is a matter of the prevailing levels of 'tolerance' in a given culture. The culture of the Americans at the time of the Indian Wars was resistant to allowing the idians to assimilate, in large part because of the racsist attitudes predominant in US society at the time. A bacteria may not have any conception of g
  6. I am not talking in terms of morality. moral issues are irrelevant when dicussing a matter in terms of Social Darwinism. Whever I consider this genocide to be moral or not is beside the point. Every single treaty made between the US government and the idnian tribes was broken, almost always by the US. I would say that the total faliure of such a policy does indeed indicate that it was the wrong one. Good intetions are all well and good, but it is results that matter. Agreed.
  7. I am going to B-H (Herzegovina, actually) later this summer for a holiday. Perhaps I shall see if I can visit these pyramids whilst there.
  8. Perfect replication is impossible, even in theory. That we do not notice our minds changing as we age is no surprise, since the process is not only slow, but too close for us to observe. If you do not believe that this process occurs, I suggest you undertake a thorough psychological analysis of yourself, and repeat it in ten years time. You will, I expect, be quite amased by the extent to which your 'self' has mutated. I have perhaps a clearer view of this process of change, unencumbered as I am by an emotionaly loaded sense of 'self'. I have noted with dispassionate interest the various cha
  9. Is there a difference between philosophy and mysticism? At what point does an enquiry into the nature of reality become an abstract and self-referential belief system?
  10. I remain unclear as to what exactly your point is. The Black Book of Communism, about which this thread was made, is quite specifically a documentation of the crimes of the Russian Communist Party from its (illegal) seizure of power to the final collapse of the Soviet Union. You seem to to implying that I am guilty of generalising this to cover all self-identified communist regimes, and to cover the very theroretical construct of 'communism' itself. This is not the case. Perhaps if you confined yourself to commenting on what people actually write, and not on the motivations you imagine behind
  11. I believe the idea of memes was first proposed by the biologist Richard Dawkins, which would give the idea a firm basis in evolutionary darwinian thought. Nonesense. In what sense is it not a desirable thing? In the sense that it conflicts with modern ideas of humanism and respect for other cultures? Neither of those ideas was prevelant at the time, and it could easily be argued that the appalling excesses of the colonial period are prescisly the sociatal pressures that allowed these ideas to spread. Simply because you find the idea abhorrent is no reason to blind yourself to the facts of
  12. Youre quite right. You are wrong about that. Guantanamo was first 'home' to Taliban fighters from afghanistan (and a lot of non-taliban fighters who were sold to the CIA for the $5000 reward). Also, I dont think that doing your job, which in the case of the Iraqi Republican Guard was to defend Iraq from invasion, should be interpreted as sideing with terrorism. In fact, I cant really understand why you would think it does.
  13. Osamagic? LOL. Maybe the CIA should ask him where his dad is?
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