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New Unified Force Theory Predicts Measured Values of Physics

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David Thomson and Jim Bourassa of the Quantum AetherDynamics Institute (QADI) released a new theory which mathematically predicts and explains the measured values of physics with striking precision. Their Aether Physics Model includes the "Holy Grail" of physics sought by Albert Einstein; the Unified Force Theory. "Our model shows the forces are unified by a simple set of general laws explainable as the fabric of space-time itself, which is a dynamic, quantum-scale Aether," said Bourassa.


In February 2002, Thomson was observing a peculiar setup of a Tesla coil and noticed what appeared to be two distinctly different manifestations of charges. Not finding an adequate explanation for why charge should take on two different forms, Thomson decided to re-examine the foundations of quantum physics. Within three weeks, he discovered the simple, empirically based equations, which produce the Unified Force Theory. "This new model of quantum existence does not change the laws of Quantum Mechanics, it merely changes our view of quantum structure," Thomson said.


"I placed an ad on my website for someone to develop the mathematics for a Unified Field Theory based upon the Aether," said Bourassa. "David said he not only could do it, but already had." Since then, they joined together to form QADI, a registered 501©3 non-profit research organization devoted to the development and dissemination of the Aether Physics Model, published Secrets of the Aether, a book about the theory, and released a new white paper that summarizes the theory, A New Foundation for Physics, which is available online at http://www.16pi2.com/files/NewFoundationPhysics.pdf.


Infinite Energy Magazine will be publishing the white paper this fall. "We just received our first acknowledgement," said Thomson. "Because we are self-educated and this revolutionary discovery about the mathematics and geometry of the space-time fabric is not coming from a well-known scientific organization, it has been slow to gain acceptance, despite the stunning results the theory produces," he continued. The fabric of space-time Thomson refers to is the ubiquitous Aether, long discarded by modern science. According to Albert Einstein's Special Relativity theory, there cannot be a rigid Aether, as envisioned by Albert Michelson. However, Thomson and Bourassa's quantified Aether is fluid, as recently proposed in the December 2005 issue of Scientific American by Theodore Jacobson and Renaud Parentani.


Besides the Unified Force Theory, QADI has also developed the foundation for an atomic binding energy equation, an electron binding energy equation, a conductance constant, fine structure constants for the proton and neutron, and geometrical models for photons, subatomic particles, and quantum units of space-time. These are significant accomplishments, and should be receiving close attention from scientists and researchers. The theory is testable, coherent, mathematically derived, empirically based, and uses easy-to-understand Newtonian equations.


Along with providing more precise values for the Strong Nuclear Charge and Weak Nuclear Relationship, three other measurements where they predict a slightly different value than the Standard Model are in the Casimir equation, the neutron magnetic moment, and neutron g-factor. More accurate experiments should confirm which values are correct, which could verify the validity of the Aether Physics Model.


Source: Quantum AetherDynamics Institute

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Okay, I managed to read about 1/4 of the white paper. I had to quit. The sentences had become so tortuously confusing that I could not make any further headway.


There are two possible reasons why an explanatory essay should be unintelligible. 1--The subject is so profound and requires such a new and unique vocabulary, that it is essentially difficult by virtue of its novelty. 2--The subject is being hidden behind an obfuscade of profoundly incoherent rhetoric.


Consider the following extract:


"We can think of cardinal mass and charge as being associated with objective reality, while ordinal mass and charge is associated with environmental, orsubjective, reality. The environment is non-material, but the quantification of the environment is as essential for understanding existence as the quantification of the matter that abides in it."


It almost makes sense. Almost. But why doesn't it make sense? Is it because the subject is so arcane? No, apparently, the text itself is intended to be opaque to analysis.


This white paper is supposed to EXPLAIN, dammit! Does it? No, it doesn't! It just weaves an intricate Gordian Knot of obfuscation and tantalizing hints of what might (or might not) be insights into a new way of looking at physics. A white paper is not written to give hints, but to make clear. This white paper makes nothing clear.

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Are there Cliff's Notes to the white paper?
For starters, I’d like to read “How ANFFP/the APM explains the Michelson-Morley experiment results”. If it can’t explain that (other than by denying the validity of the experimental data, a common position with ether theories supporters), I’d give it no further attention.
A white paper is not written to give hints, but to make clear. This white paper makes nothing clear.
I share of Pyrotex’s opinion of what a white paper should be. I usually go a step further, and say that, if you can’t give a general sense of a theory in medium felt-tip pen on a 3”x5” card, you need to reorganize how you are presenting it.
Okay, I managed to read about 1/4 of the white paper. I had to quit. The sentences had become so tortuously confusing that I could not make any further headway.
This sounds like a challenge!


I vow to get through the paper, proving that my capacity to endure torture is as least 4 times that of Pyrotex :hyper:

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I must say, sounds interesting. Have to read the white paper when it gets published. Until then, Arkain, keep up your work.


What do yo mean, keep up my work? I assume you have followed some of my posts here? and I take it you think it is related to the theory in this article..


that stuff aside, you bet, theres no reason I would stop when making such great progress. :) :eek:

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I am highly suspicious of this paper myself...if it were published in a more likely journal for physics I might be more of a "believer" but *Infinite Energy Magazine*??? Right...

Yeah, it's not showing up in many of the other news sources either. I'm anxious to see if any serious holes are poked in it by the physics community. So far I'm not seeing any thumbs up or down on it....

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Besides a pompuos, over the top claim of Theory of Everything. I have to jump up an say w00t. These are people after my own heart.


The theory needs allot of work, but it's on the right track. They need help proving or disproving the theory and it's predictions. The science community should be happy to oblige.


This is the bones of the Theory I've been working on myself. They have allot of things way more defined than I do, but they are also missing crucial pieces, like the Neutrino. It's beautiful really, but it needs help. Shall we attempt to tare this one to peices, I bet it will hold up, mostly.

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I think I can smell the A...ether again. Somehow I always suspected it would reappear within the scientific circles. Waves of EM everywhere, but then waves must and apparently do consist of something, otherwise what would be waving??????????????Incredibly beautiful and immensely interesting theory.....................Infy

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