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  1. Only the phone tap is filtered to keep you from having to listen to the data. Internally a typical filter is just some inductors and a capacitor or two on the phone side to attenuate bands used on the network.
  2. I believe so based on my own experiments with a 3 value system... In the '70s I was very intrigued with the birth of electronic computing. I was building my own logic gates from collections of various transistors and studying how it all worked. Processors of the time were coming out and most were built entirely using NMOS transistors or from PMOS transistors. NMOS circuits usually assigned Ve+ to the value 1 and 0V as 0. This was typically referred to at the time as positive logic. PMOS circuits on the other hand usually assigned Ve- to the value 1 and 0V as 0 and this was referred to as neg
  3. Just accessed with chrome now and got no warning. Perhaps all is well.
  4. This is something I find myself having to be particularly careful of. There are a number of harmful species, like black widows and bark scorpions, that I will handle and I have to be careful to not give the impression that anyone can handle these animals because someone that it is unaware of the triggers that make these animals bite or sting will inadvertently set off one of those triggers.
  5. That was enough for me to quit reading. The world is not fair and debates on economic systems should not be based on such.
  6. I personally think you are only born with 2 fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises, all other fears are learned. I suspect your mother and/or father were afraid of spiders and they taught you to be as well. In support, it has been my personal experience in handling spiders of many kinds and sizes that a majority of children want to pet them when they see me handle them and a majority of adults want to leave the area.
  7. Get civil!!! Or it might mean plenty of other things. It's just a picture with lots of undefined definition. As it is it is pretty meaningless and posting it as some kind of dire warning is nothing but FUD.
  8. It looks to me like The Liberty Beacon reran the graphic in this article that originated here.
  9. This chart may be useful: Credit: xkcd.com
  10. Here are the results of my experiment: Here are the components... Here they are assembled... Here I am nudging a ball bearing towards the hole in the assembly to see if a magnetic field is present... I conclude that there is a magnetic field present on the shielded side of the magnet.
  11. And right there is the proof that you haven't any idea what you're even talking about. A round hole passing through a body like a magnet for the purpose of providing a passage for fluid to pass through it is an annular orifice. If you take a round magnetic shield and put a hole through the middle of it then it becomes a toroid and therefore a toroidal magnetic shield. That said I can tell you exactly how to see the field lines of your magnet and the effects your shield would cause to those field lines. A bar magnet and a small piece of steel will work in general but I recommend to procure a
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