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I wish for complete administration of Hypography, I want to make Tormod and every other moderator a normal member and every current normal member a moderator for one day. :QuestionM :shrug: :)




I just woke out of the dream, nice idea anyway! :)


As regards improving Hypography, I think more competitions would be very good as it brings the community together so to speak and is great fun and informative. Hope that helps. :)

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You know I was just looking at the forums, trying to figure out where to talk about the science of business, and economics. I realized in this that there is no such forum or sub-forum. I suppose it could be relegated to the social sciences but that doesn't feel quiet right. That would be like relegating psychology to physics, to me.


In short, maybe we should consider a economics forum and maybe a business sub forum or some similar setup?

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