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  1. The comparison between Santa and god is often made and usually swiftly dismissed by the ardent theist. The theist may respond by saying things like; - Oh, but..but...we grow out of believing in Santa Clause, we continue on believing in god - There is no evidence for the existence of Santa Claus whereas there is at least some evidence for the existence of god This doesn't exhaust the excuses *cough*, reasons that theists have up their skirt but it's certainly 2 of the most common. I think we can safely dismiss the second excuse because if there were evidence for the existence of god then
  2. The old adage holds true yet again - if it's too good to be true then it probably isn't. ;-)
  3. I think you're missing the point though - the whole idea is that believing in god is beyond human comprehension and thus rationality. Arguing to a theist with reason and trying to win would be like being trained in martial arts to beat a vulture in the sky that you could never possibly get to.
  4. This is a tricky area because statins are important in certain circumstances, but not all! Unfortunately, it appears that many doctors misunderstand the correct interpretation of blood cholesterol results. As has been pointed out above, there are 2 types, HDL and LDL. HDL levels should be High, LDL levels should be Low. However, a healthy level of both of these could still be interpreted as high merely because the HDL is relatively high! Thus, statins should not be prescribed as monotherapy unless the patients VLDL (very-low density lipoproteins) is relatively high. However the complication
  5. Just for informative reasons, the conventional treatment for a stomach ulcer involves; Omeprazole - This is a Proton-Pump Inhibitor (PPI) which essentially prevents acid production by interfering with the proton pump in the gastric parietal cells. These are commonly prescribed for ulcers and dyspepsia among other related conditions. Clarithrymycin - This is an antibiotic of the macrolide class. Amoxicillin - This is also an antibiotic of the penicillin class. This OCA therapy may not be possible for patients who are allergic to penicillins, in which case treatment can be switched to Metro
  6. Yes - chemotherapy is an excellent treatment for cancer. It gives that extra chance of survival that no other form of therapy can currently provide. However, as other posters have pointed out, your questions are too general and vague. It really does depend on what cancer it is. For example, if I were to have a form of Leukemia, then treatment would depend what stage it is at. It's usually split between 4 stages, with the fourth being the worst with not a very positive prognosis. Thus, is chemotherapy a good treatment for this stage? Maybe not, because the patient may want to enjoy the remainin
  7. It depends what excipients (ingredients) are present in the medicine. Many syrups actually increase the intensity of coughing with the idea being that you can remove mucus...the so called expectorant medicines (Carbocisteine for eg.) Thus, they are effective in reducing the amount of junk but not necessarily going to stop the cough itself. As Modest has pointed out, antitussives are supposed to be designed to stop the cough reflex but there is very little clinical evidence to back that claim up. Most evidence is based on what you would expect with placebo.
  8. I don't even know if this question makes any sense or not. I was asked by an individual I know, and couldn't give an answer as I'm not mathematically minded; If there's a 70% chance of an event happening in the next 30 minutes, and there's a 15% chance of it happening in the next 5 minutes, then what's the overall probability? Again, I don't know if it makes any sense or not, and haven't a clue to even approach it or determine it as wrong. I was wondering if anyone here could provide me with some clarification. :)
  9. As much as I understand your logic, I'm still completely lost everytime I read the question :phones:.
  10. Well, Mg(OH)2 + H2SO4 --> MgSO4 + 2H2O I'm just unsure on the losing weight parts really...
  11. Hi, just wondering could people here give me a hand on some of these. I've tried some of them and want to see if I'm right, and then there's one or two which I haven't got a clue how to answer, need some direction with. Thanks for any responses. Q. Magnesium hydroxide and sulphuric acid react in water to give compound A. TG analysis of A was undertaken. Gentle heating at approximately 100 ºC results in 2 mass losses. The remaining mass after the first event is 56.1% and after the second event it is 48.8%. A third event, after extreme heating in excess of 300 ºC, is seen, after which the mass
  12. Thanks. What about Jupiter and Neptune?
  13. Hi, As we look at the Sun we see it as it was roughly 8 minutes ago. I'm wondering on a Full Moon night, at a usual time for maximum sunlight on the moon, how long does it take for the light to go from the Sun to the Moon and reflect back into our eyes? So when we look at the Moon, how many seconds/minutes ago have we actually seen it? Also, does the spherical nature of the moon create different times for light to reach our eye. For example in a Full Moon, the left/right center parts are further away from the observer than the bulge we see at the center. So what's the difference in time i
  14. You have to question the legitimacy of religion especially Christianity when it comes to the creation story and the Virgin Birth. The creation story has been falsified by science, that much I think any thinking person must agree with. (For example, to create day and night before you create the sun, isn't that a clever design God!?) The Virgin Birth is a mistranslation of text and was just written by Matthew to fulfil some prophecy that was written 700 years before in the Old Testament. The actual translation is Young Woman, but they used the Greek which is Virgin. The Book of Matthew is on
  15. Nicely put!! I'd just like to add the final nail in this quackery-ridden coffin (that's if there's room): YouTube - James Randi explains homeopathy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWE1tH93G9U Humerous and slightly scientific destruction of homeopathy at work here!
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