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...maybe even history (which is just anthropology/sociology viewed diachronically)...

"...diachronically..." I so love this site. Zad, if Becca's half as smart as you (and it sure looks like it and more), you're probably in trouble. At least she thinks you're cool.


Sure they're soft. I tell ya, physics is getting soft with all this m-theory stuff that no one can come up with any test to prove anything with. They're worthy of study though. I'd only warn that in fact there's a big difference between "politics" and "political science" although thanks to trends in "politics of personal destruction" there's lots of people arguing they're the same...




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I'm all for adding a social sciences forum, which would cover economics, political science etc like zad mentions.. I also want an earth sciences forum for everything from geology to pollution and weather patterns.


Let me discuss this with the mods first before we take the plunge.

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I would like to see a file dedicated to only religious content. Maybe this would reduce the constant quarreling. If someone brings up a religious subject on a thread other than this file, it should then be moved. In fact, a rule should exist that no religious content should be made outside of this file. I'm a person of faith but, I'm sick and tired of all the bickering.

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I would like to see a forum on welding technologies ,equipment ,metals, plastics, composites, etc.

To be honest I probably wouldn't be able to fill it on my own (but I'm sure there are some S.F. members who are involved in the welding field (welders, instructers, metalurgists, engineers, etc) that might be willing to help! :)

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