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Herbs are wonderful gifts from our creator/evolutionary process!!! :)


I have some first hand knowledge because that is what I like to garden.

I have many varieties that I have been growing for several/many years.

(my personal favorite smell being Lemon Verbena; mmmm.., simply divine!)


As I am studying and growing said 'blessings', and have been asked many times about 'what' does 'what', I will begin a new thread.


I am not claiming to be an expert mind you, but rather 'inquisitive' to the beauty, usefulness, and medicinal properties. :cup:


This thread Will be a review of Herbs and their relation to medicine; with anecdotes from personal growing and usage. I recommend you subscribe.


Of course, I will NOT 'prescribe' herbs, or herbal supplements to anyone; but rather share my insight and perhaps make some recommendations.

I am sure that many Hypographites, being the intelligent people you are, have your own insight and experiences with herbs already. Your additional information should be added freely, but intelligently for the benefit of us all.


My reason for starting this thread is twofold. 1) I love plants and admire their beauty. :D 2) I am TIRED of our Western medicine moving away from natural remedies to push their Pharmaceuticals!! :D


So first lets 'Define' an Herb. Herbs are usually refered to be any plant valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities.

Of the 380,000 plants we HAVE identified, 260,000 are classified as 'higher plants'; meaning they contain chlorophyll and perform a great deed called 'photosynthesis'.

All members of the higher plant groups have the 'potential' to offer us benefits. Perhaps only 10% have actually been studied for medicinal benefits.


Stay posted as I will continue this thread!!! :D

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Herbs are wonderful gifts from our creator/evolutionary process!!! :cup:


I have some first hand knowledge because that is what I like to garden.

I have many varieties that I have been growing for several/many years.

(my personal favorite smell being Lemon Verbena; mmmm.., simply divine!)


___How timely is that!? I have a Lemon Verbena in a pot & you just reminded me it was out in the freezing cold & drving sleet!:) I just returned with the arromatic herb to the lower level of my cave & have it securley thawing next to bonsai Cypress.

___The Lemon Verbena bloomed this Summer & I deadheaded it a couple times. What medicinal properties, if any, are ascribed to this herb Racoon? Nice thread by-the-by.:D

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I'd be interested in subscribing to this thread. How do you do that?

I totally know what Racoon is saying about Western medicine pushing pharmaceuticals. It's just a way to make money :cup:

I do however have good things to say about the pharmacist I did an internship with. She sold quite abit of herbal medicine in the pharmacy she owned so that was cool. It's just too bad that the language barrier made it harder for me to learn about the products.

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I'd be interested in subscribing to this thread. How do you do that?


___Depending on your settings in your User Control Panel, simply responding with a post "subscribes" you to the thread. A "subscription" is not a requirement to post, rather a way for members to track threads they want to follow. Click on "Subscribe threads" in your User Control Panel to view, arrange, & otherwise adjust your subscriptions.

___Welcome to the thread.:D


____A couple weeks ago I watched a movie on a Doctor in India making herbal remedies & diagnosing & treating people for free. The title was "V...something": The art of Being I think. I watched it twice. Any body else know what it is?:cup:

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:) Lets talk about Herbs! :cup:


There are 3 ways in which to aquire herbs. The first, and recommended way, is Simply to grow them yourself! :D Most herbs are quite easy to grow. ( Heck even Racoon can grow them! ) Second, is to look for them in the woods or in the environment ( like Native Cultures have done ). Thirdly, you can purchase them.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: Because the US Food and Drug Administration CANNOT regulate every manufacturing/processing facililty, there could be ( and in deed are ) some unscrupulous companies selling bogus product, or product that does not live up to its label. You should do a bit of research about the company you are buying from before spending your hard earned dollar/euro. Again, the Best method is to simply grow them yourself. :D

Having said that, lets look at a few Herbs!


ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis ) : This popular herb is very easy to grow!

You probably already have friends/neighbors who already have it in their yards.

Culpeper wrote that Rosemary was good for " diseases of the head and brain, as the giddiness and swimming therein ."

This herb is touted to sharpen the memory. When rubbed on the temples, the essential oil can provide great relief from headaches and migraines! Mixed with a few drops of olive oil, it is a remedy for dandruff.

Of course Rosemary is a popular garnish for chicken and other dishes.

Rosemary can be sipped in tea for nervous tension and used for aromatherapy.

Rosemary is an ancient folk remedy for memory.


Shakespeare wrote about it in Hamlet!: " That's Rosemary, that's for rememberance; I pray you, love, remember."


SAW PALMETTO (Serenoa serrulata) : This herb has gained notoriety for being beneficial for the reproductive organs. ( ie prostate enlargement )

It is also a good remedy for coughs, colds, and bronchitis.

Although the FDA doesnt recognize Saw Palmetto, the Intelligent Germans have used it in over-the-counter treatments for benign prostate enlargement for quite some time.


The recommended dosage is 30 - 60 drops of extract in liquid daily



MILK THISTLE (Cardus marianus) : Also known as Maria Thistle, This is an herb that Racoon uses. ( as I like to enjoy beer! )

Milk Thistle has been popular in Europe as a tonic for the liver. ( those thirsty Europeans! :D )

The effective ingredient is a Flavonoid called 'silymarin', and has proved in European studies to enhance overall Liver function and stimulate production of new liver cells. It might also increase the production of Bile, used to break down fatty acids.


I personally use the liquid extract form, but recommended dosage is 1 - 3 capsules daily; usually in a standardized potentcy.


There you have it Hypographites! :cup:

Again I recommend you subscribe to this thread and that you reply with your own thoughts and suggestions.

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I am TIRED of our Western medicine moving away from natural remedies to push their Pharmaceuticals!!


Most pharmeceuticals are no less "natural" than the herbs of which you speak. They are, however, well studied (by and large), standardized by dose (so you know what you're getting), and generally free of the cow manure that contaminates much of what is sold in "health food stores."


Here's my recommended website:




:D :D :cup: :) :D :cup: :D

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Ok I'm Back at it!

Lets talk about more Herbs! :cup:


ALOE VERA (Aloe barbadenis): This wonderful plant is a fragrant desert lily!

It has been used for over 3500 years by healers and physicians.


For you Bible Buffs, it is mentioned in Proverbs 7:17

" I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon. "


I personally have a " Hedgehog " variety in my bedroom window. I found it at the Washington State University Agricultural Extension here in town. I love it, its cute as a button! :cup: ( ie "spinning button" :D )


The leaves of Aloe contain a "gel" or emollient that can be used externally. And it quite frequently is in cosmetics and moisturizers.


The Greek physician Diocorides wrote that it was an effective treatment for everything from constipation to burns.

Cleopatra regarded Aloe Vera as a 'fountain of youth' and used it to combat the ravages of the desert sun against her skin! :cup:


Aloe Vera soothes and heals sunburns, and other minor burns. Useful for bug bites. Taken internally, it is an effective laxative


CATNIP (Nepeta cataria): I have to grow this to appease my cat! :)

It grows easily, but mine is usually scraggly and bitten off quite low (as a result of its popularity with the neighborhood cats! :D )

While it drives cats into a frenzy, Its effects on humans are quite the opposite. It is a mild sedative that is useful for upset stomach and cramps.

Europeans use it as a remedy for bronchitis and diarrhea. ( Man, it seems Europeans are really with it when it comes to herbs! :D )


Take 1 - 3 capsules daily, or simply enjoy fresh tea by mixing 1 teaspoon per cup of warm water.


Stay posted for more posts! :D ( That sounds redundant doesn't it?? )

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More on Herbs! :eek2:


LAVENDER ( Lavendula officinalis ): Lavender is an extremely popular herb.

It is mostly used for aromatherapy, soaps, and perfumes.

I have 3 lavender plants myself. It is quite hardy and indeed smells great. :eek:

My favorite variety is "French Lavender".

Romans used Lavender to scent their public baths.


LICORICE (Glycyrrhiza globra) : Licorice flavored candy has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, but Licorice root is a highly regarded. ( especially by the Chinese !

In their 'Shennong Herbal', more than two thousand years old, describes licorice as a "superior" drug! :)

Licorice has a saponin called 'glycyrrhizin' that has antiinflammatory, antiviral, and antiallergic properties.

Licorice stimulates production of two steroids cortisone and aldosterone.

A lot of research is being done on this guy!

It's main purported benefits are reducing pain from arthritis & breaking up congestion from colds. Its effects in Cancer treatment is being studied..


There we go! another review. :)

Stay posted: Let me/us know if this is helpful or at least interesting.??

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Todays Herb:


GINSENG (Panax ginseng): Ginseng is "len seng" in Mandarin, and literally means "root of man". :eek:

The Chinese have been using this herb for more than 5,000 years!!! :eek2:

Athletes use it a lot to try and gain a competitive advantadge.

the 'Shennong Herbal' classifies Ginseng as a " Superior drug "


Siberian Ginseng isn't technically Ginseng.


Chinese healers have long been touting Ginseng! Among its Many possible benefits are:

Increasing Energy

Increasing Physical and Mental endurance

Reducing cholesterol, ( the LDL kind! )

Stress adjustment

Reducing Menopausal discomforts

Possible Aphrodisiac, increase sexual desire.


( there is also American Ginseng, and is very similar )


This is a very Good herb, for those wishing to improve health and performance!! :) :D :)

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Thanks Otcart!

I like being helpful...


Yes I do use Ginseng... When I can afford it amongst other expenses. :)

I personaly use Liquid Chinese variety, espescially before my Basketball class at 8 in the morning!! I can feel a difference.


There is Chinese Ginseng farm on outskirts of my town that I am looking to investigate.

Everyones body chemistry is different. So, it might work great for some, maybe not for others.


If Chinese have been using/growing/studying For 5000 years!!,, then there should be some truth! :eek2:


Best bet is to find high quality product and find out for yourself!

Sometimes Herbs aren't quite worth the expense...

They wont negate Bad Lifestyle habits.


If you can manage to grow them yourself, all the better.

Plus it could take weeks/months of use to notice results....


which is why research on your part can save Money and Time...

anyways. Happy Holidays to you, and thank you for your inquiry! :eek:

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Todays Herb! :eek:


FEVERFEW (Chrysanthemum parthenium) : Want fewer fevers? Than Use feverfew!! :D

I've been asked by Turtle about this herb, so I will expound.

I picked up a Feverfew plant a couple years ago at a nursery, and it has since had babies! I got little feverfews popping up in the yard!

It has a Distinct smell. I Like it. It smells like walking into a Country store in the Mall.

I haven't ever used it, I just enjoy it's smell. It is slow growing, and has small daisy like flowers when it blooms!


OK, Herbalists since Ancient Greece have been using Feverfew for a variety of ailments; As its name suggests, it was used to bring down fevers.

John Hill, a famous herbalist wrote " in the worst headache, this herb exceeds whatever else is known. "


Feverfew was forgotten about until a British woman said that it Cured her Migraines! :) Medical researchers then studied Feverfew.

They reported their findings in the well respected medical journal "The Lancet".

It seems Feverfew (extracts of) inhibited release of two inflammatory substances: Serotonin from platelets & Prostaglandin from white blood cells! Both being thought to bring onset of Migraines.


Take 1 - 3 capsules daily. It might take several months before it works, but it has been shown to be highly effective in about 80% of migraine cases. :)

If anything, its a pretty little Herb that has a unique smell! :eek2:

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While I'm on a roll...and before I attend to chores...


BASIL (Ocimum basilicum) : Basil is derived from Greek, meaning King; suggesting this plant was highly regarded.

Today you think Basil in tomato sauce or pesto, but is an effective remedy for digestive disorders. :eek2: It helps relieve gas, and reduces nausea.


There are many varieties of this herb; I grow several each year.

But unlike most of my other herbs, this guy is an Annual and I have to plant new or buy new each year.

One I recommend is Cinnamon Basil. The smell IS AWESOME!

Basil grows easily, and makes a good kitchen window herb! :eek:

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