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Fun math thing: how big will the rolled madrass be?

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So when planning for a camping trip, I ended up wondering how one calculates the diameter of a rolled camping madrass will be when you know the length,height (and width) of the flattened madrass.

What I find fun is that I had it in the back of my back a few days, never actually sat down to analyze, till I found the solution. Of course waaaay easier (and even straight forward once one properly thinks about it) than I ever thought at first 🙂

Not spoiling you the fun, but for dimension 2*200*80 answer is 15.96

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Mine is:

Get area of side of madrass then find radius of circle with same area.

so 2*200=r^2*2pi -->r=(200/pi)^(0.5) --->
>>> np.sqrt(200/3.14)

But asked ofor diameter so:

>>> np.sqrt(200/3.14)*2


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What do I win?


By the way, since you are an admin can you please look into why LaTex formulas do not render here?

If you click on the <> symbol you get a box with a drop down menu where LaTex can be selected, but I am not sure what tags to use to get LaTex to work. I tried the usual [math] and [latex] and also $$ and $ as well as a couple of others and it doesn't work. Is the LaTex plugin actually installed?



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