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  1. Then, again, did you do an experiment that actually measured that or did you calculate it? If you calculated it what assumptions are you basing the calculations on?
  2. I suspect you have got no answers because you did was some calculations, not using SR, and got results that contradict relativity. What you have shown is that Classical, "Galilean" relativity is consistent. The problem is that it does not match EXPERIEMENTAL EVIDENCE. So far, it is relativity that corresponds with current experimental evidence.
  3. In one "Sherlock Holmes" story, Dr. Watson remarks on Holmes' lack of knowledge of several very simple things, Holmes explains that the brain can only hold so much and learning unnecessary things will "push out" things that he needs to know. That is, of course, not true!
  4. Pope Gregory, when told that these very attractive boys were "Angli" is supposed to have responded "non Angli sed Angeli!" (not Angles but Angels!).
  5. I have no idea what you mean by that! I have never heard of "modern science" and "history" (I don't know what the "unity" means here) rejecting anyone's 'genealogy'. Are you referring to the lists of Kings in the old testaments? I would not consider those "genealogy".
  6. That is certainly not a standard notation. My thought is that it was suppose to be "12" but got formatted incorrectly or that is the number "2" with an explanation in footnote "1". What was the context?
  7. When you say that light has no mass, it certainly has energy and, as you titled your other thread, E= mc^2, so it really makes no difference.
  8. It doesn't "go" anywhere. It just stays right where it was. "[tex]E= mc^2[/tex]" is all the energy contained in matter including the energy that holds the atoms and even nuclei and protons and neutrons together. "Chemical means", such as burning, only releases the energy holding molecules together. In atomic bombs, the energy holding the nuclei together is release but the "deeper" energy, holding the protons and neutrons together, is not.
  9. "The theory states that dreams don't actually mean anything. Instead they're merely electrical brain impulses that pull random thoughts and imagery from our memories. The theory suggests that humans construct dream stories after they wake up. ... He believed that dreams revealed unconsciously repressed conflicts or wishes." When you say "he" please state who you mean!
  10. it's hard to believe you are serious! You are simply asserting that Jews, in general, are "greedy" and "wild". THAT is anti- semitic. I thought (perhaps was hoping) that you did not speak English very well and did not understand what you were saying.
  11. Very well, then, if I am wrong, and you really intended what you wrote, why are you so anti-semitic?
  12. The first problem is that the "big bang" did NOT start at the "north pole" of a spherical universe. Before the big bang, the universe was NOT spherical, in fact, had no shape at all because space itself was created in the big bang.
  13. Oh, now I begin to understand, you just cannot read or write English. That's why you are writing nonsense.
  14. So basically you want to measure the position of the sun, relative to you, at 5 different times a day for a total of 35 days. Yes, that's an interesting experiment. You will want to write down the length of the shadow as well as the angle with some fixed line. I conjecture that you will see both length and angle almost repeating each day. Think about why they repeat and why the do not repeat exactly.
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