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  1. So basically you want to measure the position of the sun, relative to you, at 5 different times a day for a total of 35 days. Yes, that's an interesting experiment. You will want to write down the length of the shadow as well as the angle with some fixed line. I conjecture that you will see both length and angle almost repeating each day. Think about why they repeat and why the do not repeat exactly.
  2. This is a ridiculous, distasteful, thread! In the first place there is NO word "Jewishes". The noun is "Jew" or, plural, "Jews" and "Jewish" is an adjective. Further the idea that Jews have "a high tendency to money" is a false slur. And you cannot shift responsibility from yourself by saying "that word does not belong me" because you did not ask if it was true, you asked why it was true. In the middle ages, and before, Christians were forbidden to lend money for interest, the idea being that you should help others in need out of "Christian Goodness". But then the "Capitalist" era b
  3. Since you still haven't told us what YOU mean by "physical consistency"- and seem to be using this board to rant about things you do not know, I'm not going to bother responding any more. This is "science forums" and you do not know what "science" is.
  4. Okay, so what evidence do you have, or what reason do you have to believe, that time has a "physical consistency"?
  5. It appears to be a plus sign, a minus sign, a times sign (as used in computer languages), and a percent sign, inside parentheses. If you think it should have some deeper meaning than that, please tell us the context.
  6. I would appreciate it if you would define "time substance".
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