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  1. First you will have to explain what YOU mean by "intuition". I consider it a collection of assumptions and preconceptions.
  2. What does it even mean to "solve" a theory?
  3. The problem is energy! In order to be useful as fuel, a chemical has to have energy contained in through the way the atoms are put together. Plastic, while made of complicated molecules, doesn't have much energy stored in it.
  4. Have you never heard of "conservation of energy"? The heat energy given off when the atoms recombine cannot be more than the energy required to separate them.
  5. Why would "full moon" and "new moon" be the two "visual states" of the moon? What happened to "waning moon" and "dark of the moon"?
  6. So you are aguing that only things for which you become famous are "meaningful"? Saving a persons life, which no one remembers a hundred years later, is not "meaningful"? What if the persons great great grand child creates a vaccine that cures a disease that was killing people around the world. IF no one remembers that 200 years later, it was not meaningful? That would seem to me to be a very limited definition of "meaningful".
  7. Technically, "ideology" is the study of ideas while "epistemology" is the study of knowledge.
  8. 1.678 is NOT the golden ratio. The golden ratio is $\frac{1+ \sqrt{5}}{2}$, an irrational number. Even approximated to three decimal places the golden ratio is 1.618, not 1.678.
  9. The only reliable "prime test" of a number, n, is to divide n by every prime number less than or equal to [tex]\sqrt{x}[/tex].
  10. "Going into physics discussions while admitting you have no respect for relativity is like a turkey voting for Christmas." Now that's a good line!
  11. In your first post in this thread you said "Why do only cranks decide to join these forums?". My point was that you yourself have joined this forum so you are saying of yourself that you are a crank! Of course, that would mean that I am also a crank but I don't agree with the statement.
  12. First, work that can be "published" would be "copyrighted", not "patented". But what legal authority would this blockchain have? If you published on a blockchain and someone copied it, would a judge recognize a "blockchain" like he or she would a copyright?
  13. Shakespeare, Much Ado about Nothing, Beatrice to Benedick, "I wonder you keep talking, no one marks you!"
  14. What does any of this have to do with the Christoffel Symbols?
  15. It is not a matter of whether anyone here speaks German. The original post was in English and not responding in English is rude.
  16. Okay, that is true but has nothing to do with inertia.
  17. First, in your "pinball" experiment, you would also need the pinball not affected by gravity or be air resistance. I am not sure what is meant by "not affected by inertia" Light does not, strictly speaking, have mass but it does have energy which, by "E= mc^2", is equivalent to energy so light HAS inertia.
  18. It isn't the "universe" that is mathematical, it is people who are mathematical and impose numbers on their vision of the universe.
  19. There is a difference between "believing in Christ" and "saying you believe in Christ"! Christians (I am not a Christian myself) assert that if you really believe in Christ you can not avoid venal sins but would not commit mortal sins.
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