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  1. Youtube issue is now fixed. Let me know if you have any other issues.
  2. Hi Thoth101, I've applied some fix'es regarding errors when posting quotes reply. Let me know if you are still having any` issues.
  3. Sorry for these issues. I'll need a bit more information to reproduce these errors. 1. Video - are you uploading video file or linking to some site (like youtube)? 2. Do you receive 406 error when clicking 'quote' or when submitting reply?
  4. Hi Brad, Welcome to Hypography/Science Forums and hopefully no one will mistake you with Brad. :D
  5. Welcome to Science Forums billvon! :)
  6. ameame, We are excited to have you join our team, and we hope that you will enjoy discussing here. :)
  7. lukasm

    Hi! Everyone

    Welcome to Science Forums/Hypography n30! Make most of your time here with us ;)
  8. Good news - it's not your computer. It was caused by additional code on our forum. It now has been fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.
  9. Hello and welcome to Science Forums / Hypography! This is usually caused by malware software installed on your computer. If you're on windows you can try scanning your PC with microsoft's free tool : https://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-us/default.aspx
  10. Welcome to Hypohraphy Excogitator!
  11. Hello Poppins and welcome to the forum. I have no doubt that posters here will be delighted to hear your opinion.
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