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On 4/5/2021 at 12:46 PM, OceanBreeze said:

The proof is, you are still posting!

I'm not still posting on the physics forum, I'm in the alternate theories forum. Anyway, they finally kicked me off their physics forum to the alternate theories forum but I'm getting way more feedback there. Some is actually very minimally useful but still no "show-me-the-Md" answers to my circular motion question. Most is the usual Wiki reprints and mindless recitation that passes for intellect these days. I even agreed to assume length contraction was real but quickly hit a brick wall which led me back to the conclusion that length contraction is only due to relativity of simultaneity and is not a real physical phenomenon as Anssi agrees.

Thank you Anssi for your answer. It  makes sense but I need further confirmation because in SR, sense doesn't seem to be enough. I need con-sense-us which is a chorus of parrots engaged in mindless recitation of my precepts.

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