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  1. The simplest four dimensional analogue looking up now, has a structure similar but not exact https://www.google.com/search?q=torus+in+four+dimensions&client=ms-android-zte&sxsrf=ALeKk02R9ZI67UP4j7NqERRrKCnKZkHmxQ:1600207395653&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiY1ImLlezrAhWLQc0KHfKxC8EQ_AUIBigB&biw=320&bih=399#&biw=320&bih=399
  2. Its difficult to discern here whether this toroid is expressed in four dimensions, albeit, I did not even think of a Klein bottle.
  3. Even snooker balls, with the property of friction will come to rest. Gravitational fields in theory can stop radiation in its quake. Gravity also pulls down on snooker balls downwards, much as the curvature of space keeps us here on Terra Firma.
  4. There is one last experiment which should be tested, the rest force propulsed from an object as as a projectile on a moving object. It is true that only forces can cancel when equal, but what about gravitational fields being introduced? In my ideas past, the gravitational field is responsible for at least inertial bodies at rest. Snooker tables surely do use balls all the time with elastic kinetic properties that are often well defined. But the question remains, how does gravity influence it?
  5. Adding an ensemble is fine but we also multiply to find the square of probabilities as well.
  6. So long as you take more than one system you can always add.... But hear out, so long as those individuals are underquoted as being synonymous in all theoretical grounds. This is why wecan addmosy galaxies together to eatinate the rough life giving properties through the Drake equation,its because idealistically-spea,king, galaxies are more or less identical dust particles on the cosmic scale.
  7. I suppose also the probability of ”mind ****" through the jibes, the hustling we call it in chess P(M)
  8. P(I) - probability of intuition P(S) - probability of strength P(s) - probability of speed over the opponent ... Are some other examples
  9. Well, a Casimir battery has been theoretically speculated upon. It could tap into vacuum energy.
  10. Interesting, but it leaves one question out, why do the bubbles collapse quicker in the center, a lack of air? Because bubbles in baths can last a very last time.
  11. The spin of the earth, linked to graviagnetism is what gives rise to the Coliolis effect, sorry for typo.
  12. I am surprised by a drunken result, to be fair, I was not even drunk lol
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