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  1. I was going to get back to this today but recovering from a tooth extraction, so will be back soon.
  2. And it's humble, because once I thought this universe was all there was!
  3. Yes sorry, there is only two further reason. Somthing determined it very early on in my opinion.
  4. Got baked potatoes in the oven be right back
  5. Maybe. Who knows? Personally I think there is only two.
  6. After some thorough looking however it's not all too clear. Some of this may still be wrong.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schrödinger–Newton_equation#:~:text=The Schrödinger–Newton equation%2C sometimes,function as a mass density%2C But anyway, this was for much later
  8. Except that was for later, I was speaking about the Newton Poisson equation.
  9. By the way, there is a relativistic operator - but that's for a much later discussion.
  10. Ok, to understand the Christoffel symbol, I hope the notion of curved space and its unification with acceleration as the warping of gravity is also understood as a prerequisite because the aim of this post is not to teach the literal understandings of what you read in popular science books, but rather to break down what gravity is when it is manifestly spoke about in mathematical physics. Ok... So hopefully you will already know about basics of Euclidean space ie. The coordinates of ordinary flat space as x + y + z Algebraically speaking, this can also be written as the powers
  11. Fixed the typos. Had to do this before venturing into the Christoffel symbol thread.
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