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  1. Sometimes I'll watch a game and think... Wtf is going on lol https://www.chess.com/game/live/18309704129
  2. Oppemheimeres weapon may have closed a door but opened many windows.
  3. Absolutely we should know better, its almost like these jurisdictions where put in place so we would fail. Its well-known that overcleaning leads to health problems in children, its called the hygiene hypothesis. This is the current leading theory of how hospital superbugs arose in the first place. They should have quarantined the elderly first and the younger develop a natural immunity while not hyping the death rate since the common flu kills more people in a year. In short, we've been lied to.
  4. sure the earliest eukaryotic those , micro-organisms developed from the basic building blocks of life ... which is currently believed as being implemented aromatic hydrocarbons. Some scientists believe these complex molecules where brought to Earth, a theory known as Panspermia. From these which evolved billions of years ago, came all life, presumingly from even simpler combinations of molecules called Prokaryites. We are thought to have come from this primordial sludge of carbon soup.
  5. Its not over yet. Talking about the theme, the Covid virus is a true modern day Protean virus, there's no amount of vaccines that will cure this. With our over cleaning, and yearly jabs, it will eventually become a superbug.
  6. It would help allay any worries if I was absolutely adamant that it had not been developed in a lab, its like racoon city for god sake lol
  7. I don't know, ... but what I can say, Einstein deterred people just before he first atomic bomb was made, saying that we'd never be able to extract the energy from an atom. I'm pretty sure he knew we could, but then the best scientists of his day was rallied together under the Manhatten project, and Einstein regretted ever making his theory, which even thought his energy equation was initially produced by several others before him, he felt solely responsible for its world wide fame, believing that the creation of this weapon was of a great mistake. After the bomb was dropped on Horoshima, he w
  8. Nearly any do, any country that is either developing, and those developed, they are always fishing the Internet for new idea, for sledgehammer military use, or espionage use.
  9. I still wouldn't suggest new power sources and while you think most people are retarded, there are many enemy scientists out there who would use energy source technology for evil purposes.
  10. But you really are asking the wrong person to hypothesise on weapons, I am a peaceful man. The only technologies I'd speculate on is that which is far out the reach of our own, and the only reason I'd do that is because we should be aware of possible attacks from aggressive exobiological races.
  11. For instance, to make these rotary electromagnetic pulse systems, would take a collider around the size of the solar system in order to produce masses and energies just below the Planck scale required to make black holes. Certainly, if the dark forest hypothesis of aliens is correct, I'd imagine they would send a ray of black holes to eliminate entire planets as they will be able to produce them in strong magnetic fields. Who knows, maybe signals of such destruction are already heading our way.
  12. Well I know about the decay processes that create atomic bombs, I know some things about fusion, but how they would translate to a fusion/fission weapon I am unsure. I was studying whether a heavy water bomb could have tweaks, perhaps methods which having been investigated yet, but is this really something we should discuss on an open forum, I mean, weapons are highly secret as they have military purposes. I only gave you the last example because it might become a type 2 civilization of weaponry or a type 2 progressing maybe to a type 3 maybe, I do not feel all that comfortable discussing wea
  13. Yes. It would not only eject electrons, but the spin as gravity couples with magnetism would cause local distortions in a non linear way as well.
  14. Well, think about the Earth, it has an effective magnetic "field" because it has a molten core. I cannot be absolutely sure, but I'd guess my life that is why it makes the Earth a special object in our solar system.
  15. So the equation which clearly speaks of a force is e(B x v) = 1/2mc² ⋅ 1/r ⋅ dU(r)/dr ⋅ Jv Its a Lorentz analogue force, it does contain a charge, a fuller equation would involve an electric field E. This can be done, but only for later investigation. It is a force, with a coupling between a gravimagnetic and a gravitational force. The spin does not mean though, an object cannot move linearly, but if linear acceleration is not balanced properly, the spin would eventually make a hypothetical object move in a curved path. Eventually though, if the linear acceleration is stronger than t
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