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  1. But you are not allowed to mention the actual causes of the worlds problems here, or anywhere. The guys with the little skull caps, and the lamp stand and star. You know, the guys that have no power or control, but its a criminal offence to criticise them. They are the only people who have this protection.
  2. posts containing any actual TRUTHS, are censored by big brother. Only approved narrative allowed here, nothing to see, move on.
  3. Well this is a wrong statement here. Really? the ONLY way it could work is the irrational way, that's full of paradoxes and contradictory claims? Seems that this proposed way would be the FIRST proposal to be rejected as a possibly correct "way it could work". A better way does not have "shrinking distances and dilating times or increasing Mass." A better way does not have the nothingness of space needing to be magically "curved" while the places we inhabit are clearly all well described as Cartesian or 3D space.
  4. WE don't "KNOW" anything of the sort. Some theorise that this maybe whats happening, and they assume its correct. Gravitational Lensing is an "interpretation of observations", its not PROOF of anything. It could be the result of many things, they ASSUME and HOPE its Gravitational lensing to support their hypothesis. SR is 100% paradox.
  5. "Longer path that light travels?" What rubbish do you speak? Here you are hopping from on foot to the other, from one claim to the next just to keep your precious Relativity in tact. Truth is its obvious self contradictory and therefore invalid. If spacetime is curved, then that curved path IS THE ONLY PATH POSSIBLE TO OBSERVE. You don' get to draw imaginary "straight lines" anymore, claiming that these are shorter, that this explains contentedly how light speed is not constant, yet it still is. "I want my cake and eat it too!" this is baby thinking. Einstein's theories are rubbish, get ov
  6. Meanwhile on Planet Earth, smart people have already realised that if Einstein was right, then the following must be true. 1/ any equation that includes a velocity, a distance or length, a Mass, or a reference of a Time period, is necessarily NONSENSE, because Einstein claims that these properties are not stable, i.e. they are subjective experiential opinions, and not the reliable properties that Classical Physics required and assumed. So for example, you cant make up an equation where a distance or length (d or L) appears in the equation, because its not always remaining the same d or L th
  7. I have to wonder if that "quote" and similar words of wisdom, were also "borrowed" by Einstein from someone wiser. All Einstein's wise quotes are used to boost Einstein's fame, by people who have built an industry around it all. The industry of Higher Education, and manipulation.
  8. That's fine, believe what you want. But try to understand that the theories of Einsteins are NOT as "solid and proven" as Relativists claim. GAHD seems to think that he needs to ban anyone who "repeatedly argues for hypothesis that are discredited", but strangely despite this belief, no one from the Relativists camp can actually back up Einsteins theories with sensible statements. Massive paradoxes always remain. "Relativity Deniers" are only able to exist BECAUSE of the problems that permeate Einstein's theories. Rest assured, IF anyone could actually put up a decent rebuttal of the
  9. Victor, you are hardly in the position to be able to dismiss offhand, someone who is writing sensible, rational logical statements, because you are a cult member, blinded by your indoctrination into Scientism. Somebody needs to kidnap you away, and undo all the brainwashing you have been subjected to. Refuting a sensible argument by placing a "crank" sticker as your reply is all the evidence anyone needs to understand who here is the deluded one. For instance, the claim of GR is that spacetime is curved, and as such planets orbit because of the curvature, as if they were following straight
  10. Its yet another paradox in an endless series of paradoxes about Einsteins irrational ideas and conclusions. The explanation is simply that Einsteins is wrong, Special Relativity is a fantasy, and nothing weird goes on with objects that move, also any ad-hoc pretend "frame of reference" is likewise not going to cause any changes in Physical reality. Because they are imaginary constructs. You Relativists need to grow up and smell the roses, Einsteins is wrong, his theories are wrong, and there is a better, simpler and more elegant approach to Physics (classical) to study than Einstein's tr
  11. And the winning entry giving the most rational three reasons is: 1/ Event horizons are fantasy 2/ But Objects are real 3/ Math is not able to model reality, and black holes are imaginary math constructs. Pictures of "black Holes" are maybe pictures of SOMETHING, but they are not pictures of imaginary constructs of Math
  12. Yeah, I cant upload anything... it just says server error, and the images are small, and of the right type.... I have to use just words
  13. Yes, of course a 3d spiral will be displayed as a circle in 2d. That's an Archimedes spiral in your image, with varying radius, not a helical spiral with fixed radius, which does make concentric circles when viewed straight on. And even if MitkoGorgiev was talking about a varying radius spiral, then STILL it can make a circular cross section. How you may ask? Well, consider one object moving along a varying radius spiral. A transverse slice of that objects path would make a single spot, not a whole varying radius spiral. You can only get that full 2d varying radius spiral by transposin
  14. You are an idiot. There is nothing "theoretical" about the current state of affairs. Anyone who thinks that there are no conspiracies deserves to become the next victim of one. Nobody is out to get "me", they just want all white nations destroyed. This is seen if you care to look at all the white nations today. The elites openly discuss how to make this happen, and proudly brag that by 2030 there will be no more whites. If you can't see this is whats happening then you are just an idiot. So now that you have identified me as a "theorist" you are going to dismiss everything I said about s
  15. Were did you get that idea? I don't think that ALL information, (knowledge) available from a University, or elsewhere, is wrong. Just the WRONG stuff is wrong. Which includes all of Einstein's work. ALL of it. If you have another opinion, and can point out which of my statements is demonstrable wrong, then please let us all know. I've spelled out in my last post, the WHO, WHY, HOW and WHAT is going on, and its rather complete. Does it match what we observe? Yes, quite clearly it does. Science is not isolated from the rest of Human existence. To pretend that it alone has remained
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