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I Could Care Less!


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There's a funny old phrase in French,


vous n'êtes pas sans savoir que (...)




you are not without knowing that (...)

= you don't ignore that (...)

= you do know that (...)


which people have stopped analysing, and often mangle into


vous n'êtes pas sans ignorer que...


which means


you are not without ignoring that...

= you do ignore that (...)



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I think it represents a carelessness with language.


If it weren't for my carelessness, I would be careful to care more. But because I don't care, my carelessness is of no consequence. And as a consequence of my carelessness, I am careful to not care. This gives rise to the following attitude: I don't care!!!........Infy
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I've decided to start caring more, but only after I had my fill of caring less. Not really sure how long that will be because caring less seems to satisfy my ego. So until I'm done caring less, I'll continue to care very littile. Only then will I be ready to care more.


Why is this nonsense so much fun? But truly, you'll not need answer that question because I don't care.


What I do care about is getting this thread back on topic.





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