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Thread for Great Words!


Jerk - such a great word! When you say "that guys a Jerk" you know exctly what they mean, and its not a swear word. :)


Kook - I love using this word. :D There are some kooky people out there. :shade:


Any other great words to add to this little "database"?

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tweekers are crazy.

I was sittin outside my house last night

playin' guitar,

smoking a cigar,

on the sidewalk, you know

just enjoying the night

this guy walks up behind me OUT OF NOWHERE







Crystaline is a cool word.

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As a youngster, I was called Hill-billy after my family moved to the city. My southern Missouri twang was much more noticeable back in those days. Presently, I live in Ohio and when I first moved up here, people called me Hill-Jack. I'm not really sure which one I prefer, Hill-Billy or Hill-Jack but which ever phrase anyone chooses to use, I'm still proud to be from the hills............Infy

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