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should there be a music forum for music things  

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  1. 1. should there be a music forum for music things

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It would be interesting to see what sort of things came up on a music thread. I'm not sure how much interest it would generate amongst scientists in general, as I don't usually think of them as the most music-minded. But then again, there are plenty of us common folk with an interest in both. And afterall, we do have a poetry forum. There's also much in the way of music technology, both in producing music (arranging software, synthesizers, sound modules, etc) and more commonly in way to listen to it (computeres, ipods, various compression formats, etc). There's also the physics of musical tones and structure, challenges in composition (which individuals may ask for help in or opinions on), as well as support for those facing the challenge of learning music (instrument, composition, etc) from other's who've been there and can relate to the challenges involved. Perhaps individuals could even post music they've created for others to tune in to and hear.


Just my two cents,



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If you would like to discuss the science of sound, perception, frequency, harmonics and the like, then you could do this with our current categories.


If you would like to discuss things like, "Hey yo, have you heard the new Pearl Jam album? It's righteous!"... I'd say go over to Postmagnet.com. :)

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I wouldn't mind a music forum myself, but I doubt we would be able to make it purely scientific. But that's not a problem as far as I'm concerned (I have a Bachelor of Music). Maybe we should think a bit broader at first and consider a Fine Arts forum? Things like art history etc are interesting too.

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Yeah, good point. A member contributions forum perhaps, under the Fine Arts forum. That should be doable.


I think that's an excellent idea!!! Would it be too much to ask about what everyone is currently listening to, and whether or not we could add a bit of a music clip to it.


My musical tastes have grown over the years, and I literally have a bit of everything. With the diversity of locations on this particular board, it might be a great opportunity to hear what sort of things are currently popular in your area. As well as open us up to new musical experiences we might have not had otherwise.


(I have a a serious passion for music...played guitar for 4 years, classical, and acoustic)

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