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  1. Please could a few people fill out the attached questionaire to help me with my humanities course work, as I would like a few people from diffrent cultures/countrys. If you could please email them to me when completed thanks
  2. I dont wear a watch mainly becuase its just another thing to ; lose, break, annoy me. Any way usaly there is a clock and if not then i just use my own sense of time.
  3. well considering it came from howard goodall one of the best composers in the world....
  4. Ok i realy dont like hip hop but it sounds good for hip hop just a bit slow lacking some words, heres a little trick. get a 16 note bass synth riff play it slow and make sure you liike it then turn it up to 320 bmp and you have a seriusly danceable background.
  5. this brings us back to the question of what is matter can you keep getting smaller and smaller or does it just stop. I like the Idea of a knot in space time, or maybe when space time is veiwed as a 'fabric' the mass is the thread that weaves to form it.
  6. :hihi: resons why I and the rock band im in study music: 1.we love to play it 2.sounds great 3.loads of money 4.loads of babes B) 5.something to be remembered by.... I beleive other kids should study music becuase society needs something to enjoy or relax or hyp over music can provide all of those. People should study music as it is a fun and intresting way of making a living and you might if your lucky hit the jack pot. I play quite a few instruments like the bass,guitar,clarinet, and the odd bit on piano and drums. My bands leader is a whizz at composing and although the recording is a
  7. I'm a highschooler to but in the uk and well ive found ways around the lack of sources and my home experiments usaly result in either singed eyebrows or a black mess on the floor only the other week i was intrested in taking flambee to the extreme ready for crihst mass pudding i created a mix of liquer and melted butter then lit it and sprayed water on it so fat fire and alcohol fire so you have the explosiveness of a fat fire with water and the heat of alcohol anded up with singed eye brows and little hairs were left on my arm but it was totaly awsome like this but quicker and three times as
  8. people would be jumping into roads becuase they felt like it etc unless you beleive that for every decision a separate universe is created but the by the time i finish this sentance an infinate number of universes has created and becuase there is an infinate number of universes created the chance that I talking now am not instantly going to disintigrate is at a guess tiny in comparisen to the chance i will and that the fact is the only reason the universe exists as such is becuase there is no randomness. universes have been created
  9. i do not however beleive in random thought nor randomness you might say well what about brownian motion but how can something be truly random there is always somthing to influence it or it is inert and still. why do atoms vibrate "randomly" becuase they are charged with energy they vibrate i beleive according to set of wavelengths that are created through electricity reacting with the atom and depending on the atom the magnetic feilds surrounding trhe atom the other atoms present around it its path is preset. to put it simple you could say i beleive in destiny other wise....
  10. anyone considered personall transport eg. hover boots or mag lev boots where you are effectivly walking at high speeds and as you are not confined to follow "tracks" there are unlimited movement possibilities.There would also not be the LIM technique of conventional track going mag lev transport you would simply have a magnetic bed and by leaning forward backward side side you would trvel in the direction you lean becuase the forces that balance you out would not be equal hmmmm.?
  11. perhaps to understand the effects on terrorism and potential ways to combat it is to look upon history for answers. Try looking at the way england deals with terrorist threats as england, unlike the usa and many other western countrys, has had to deal with severe terrorist threats for decades in the from of the IRA this here is a good website to look at and under stand the ways england have dealt with the IRA MI5 | Northern Ireland-related & Domestic Terrorism further more the list of ways to prevent terrorists is endless there are even terrorist websites and forums right under our noses
  12. hello from me i hope to go to college in 3 years when i finish secondary school
  13. here it is.. its low quality due to filesize restrictions and listen to it all as at the end i have compiled all the chords containing g which are all but one recognized. now 50 more posts and ill have enough filespace for the next composure
  14. wowow i have found a proper chord on the 3rd chord f d a#
  15. thank goodness for indian call centers i phoned in and they said it was somthing to do with midi outputt and they walked me through fixing it now i have sibeeus running i shall have the first katabatak composition ready anytime now
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