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Claimed Time Travel Device

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1 minute ago, OceanBreeze said:

Who is John Titor?

When I follow the link I come up with Marlin Pohlman as the inventor.

Inventor:    Marlin Pohlman


Worldwide applications 2004 US


Application US10/954,767




2004-10-01 Application filed by Pohlman Marlin B


2004-10-01 Priority to US10/954,767


2006-04-06 Publication of US20060073976A1


Status: Abandoned

He has abandoned his project, even after writing all that Bullshit. He has at least three other oddball patents, all of which are also abandoned.


He must have a lot of "time" on his hands!

John Titor He was a big deal back in the day! 

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