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  1. Pentaquarks are one of the exotic particles that are confirmed to exist, here is a little about pentaquarks from CERN, which all to my knowledge have a positive mass along with a unusual charge number and mass number being a fusion of a Meson and 3 quarks. https://physics.aps.org/synopsis-for/10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.082003
  2. Yes, Ebola can be easily disarmed into a Viral Vector from a BSL-4 Pathogen by the removal of several genes such as the GPs, VP30, VP35 and VP24 which are the genes for the secreted glycoprotein and Protein VP30 which causes immune suppression along with the Interferon antagonists VP35 and VP24 which will transform the Virus to a vector. Also if you take the 3' and 5' regions around a gene it will insert the gene into the host genome but make sure you have removed the deadly protein/genes first, usually in vectors that attach to blood vessel lining I use the Ebola Gly sequence or GP and
  3. That is where Acceleration and Interia come into play, Es = (1/2)kx2 There is a spring constant for the mass of the object in solid form if the strength of said bonds goes above the amount of attraction it will cause the matter to be destroyed E=MC2 . The speed of light in a volume of space cannot be gone above but space itself can be warped by matter, This Warping of space and matter is what we call frame dragging which causes gravitational and Temporal Distortion along with Space Distortion as space is warped there is no prefered frame but all frames are relative to each other. Einstein
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quOeBnZ7t9U
  5. I was watching some old SCI FI Babylon 5 and I was watching a Shadow Planet Killer device and wondered if it could be constructed in real life of Hydrogen Bombs or Neutron Bombs. Blast Yeilds of Weapon Missile used for Planet Killer Multi Device. Hydrogen Bomb Blueprint 13.5 to 25 Megaton. Trident Multi Warhead Device. W88 Neutron Bomb 50 Megatons Warhead All you would need is a casing that launches Multiple Trident warheads until 1000 standard 50 Megaton devices was launched which would make 5.0 Gigatons of blast all over a planet. Launch one of these
  6. This Chronographer is accurate from the Big Bang to Modern times can only be viewed in Google Chrome, this viewer of time is able to see from the Big Bang to the current time that was last updated. https://histography.io/
  7. This is a little about Quantum Chromodynamics Hexquark Quantum Substrates (RBG-RBG) Neutronium Pentaquark Quantum Substrates (RBGRB) You can match the Energy Mass and Particle types to match this form then bind them in a Electromagnetic field which puts a force on the matter generating a sudo "Strong Nuclear Force" on charged particles.
  8. Basically, after much disbelief and the need to test this there are negative mass particles with -M, here is the original article if such particles exist there are wormhole creation particles to keep the mouth of it open. https://newatlas.com/negative-mass-particles/52848/ It makes a Tube between the Gravitational Attraction layers.
  9. The Drake's Equation says there is a 100% or higher chance of alien life out there somewhere it is a mathematical impossibly that there are not UFO out there including the evidence all around us. Possible other biochemistry for UFO Life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothetical_types_of_biochemistry Report on Possibility on Pre Self-aware alien life on Titan. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/05/02/could-alien-life-cling-beneath-icy-ceilings-frigid-ocean-moons.html Methane Based Life on Titan Report https://www.popsci.com/heres-what-methane-based-life-titan-could-look
  10. Rabies/HIV Chimeric Retroviral Vector Gene Map Goes up to MV-5 , Five MV-2 Vectors, Five MV 1 to 5 Vectors. Sample (Nerve/T-cell) Targetting MV-5 (Nerve,T-Cell,Liver,Lung,Skin) Targetting Retroviral Vector Gene Map
  11. There is nothing "Metaphysical" about Special Relativity it is a law of nature nothing more or less basically time rate is not constant in the universe is the only big thing about it along with space lengths are not constant, just a physical event nothing more or less.
  12. Yes, of course, they are probability cloud the orbit is around the atom but they are in a spherical like shape, I do actually know what that is..........
  13. Well, I think that the best way to explain inside a black hole is called the Kerr-Newman Metric most definitely Einstein's Field Equations for both types spinning and non-spinning. https://arxiv.org/pdf/0706.0622.pdf https://www.quora.com/Why-do-black-holes-have-charge-Is-it-like-that-electric-charges-we-understand Which non-spinning can be explained by the Schwarzchild metric...............
  14. I have done a great deal of research recently into "Negative mass particles" I have found that they are actually negative "mass" particles strangely and can replace Dark Energy in any of my equations, I would like Buffy or an admin to revert the original post back to the form where polymath was right because he is. Despite my utter disbelief in "Omega" Particles with negative mass. I was wrong that universe is a much stranger place than ever imagined.
  15. I spoke about something called Matter Editation earlier in some of my posts and basically, I think you can edit The Force Dimensions back to a Electroweak or Electroweak-Strong state from their decoupled states if you get Energy Density to a high enough level like it was back at 1015 K or 1027 K in Temperature which would create the particles from that Era of time which could generate things like Dark Energy or many types of unseen particles in lower Energy Densities/Temperatures because the Forces would re-couple at those densities in that 3-D space unlike in state now as they are decoupled
  16. Here is another thing, that may be the reason for the weakness of gravity if the Forces of nature are caused from a fission of Dimensions as in the form of a symmetry break after the Big Bang then Quantum Gravity Force or "Super Gravity" when they were all merged is (Super gravity Force Strength) = (Electromagnetic Force Strength) + (Strong Nuclear Force Strength) + (Weak Nuclear Force Strength) + (Normal Gravity Force Strength) The Strengths of Forces are shown by this chart at situations, so they must be averaged as the strength is different at different Lengths for some. (Super Gr
  17. If the Universe is a 3-D sphere in a time slice Vsphere∇E - Vsphere∇E= 0 Vsphere∇∑0rEu1 - Vsphere∇∑0rEu2 = 0 Vsphere∇∑0rEu = (4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rENucleon Binding Energy + (4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rELorrentz Force + (4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rERest Mass +(4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rERelativistic Newton gravity + (4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rETemperature avg. + (4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rErelativistic kinetic + (4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rERelativistic momentum linear + (4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rEDark Energy + (4/3)πru3 ∇∑0rERelativisitic momentum Angular -V.M. and - NEP NEP
  18. They may gain mutations in structure as generations of nano-factory pass when their molecular assembler's make mistakes like Carbon based life's DNA and Proteins as the replication proteins such as ribosomes do , but that is unknown how that will progress exactly yet. In any case, for now, I can still only construct DNA and RNA based machinery with my knowledge of living and Synthetic living organisms. Viral Vectors and Synthetic Virii (Real) What I think the Nano-factories will look like (Photoshopped) next to a unedited Synthetic Virus or Viral Vector non-dormant. For a s
  19. Which is why I said If I had it build no that is a Type III Civilization technology on the Kardashev Scale, I could not build it without stripping many planets of all resources like thousands to millions. You are absolutely correct in this respect. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale But, Actually I am not too far off now from being able to build Nano-factories the land versions of these,which below is a video of what that would be like, which needs a nanoscale power source that is not Sugar having used Mitochondria as the source idea for the Sugar Reactor is how I have it as no
  20. To absolutely prove this point, if I had this built would you have any question that It was more valuable than all money combined? which we find indeed it is more valuable then this entire planet's GDP https://www.wired.com/2011/09/death-star-pentagon/ How expensive is the Death Star?Even if you can imagine quite a bit, Centives, the economics blog of students of Lehigh University, says it would cost “$852,000,000,000,000,000. Or roughly 13,000 times the world's GDP” to build the Death Star…and that's just the cost of steel production.Feb 21, 2012
  21. Money is just paper, resources are what really matter in situations of war in my experience, Materials,Weapons,Food,Energy,people and Land
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