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Yes that will be challenging. But, we have the resources to find out more. Certainly, not everyone is going to have the money to do experimentation and other forms of research, but there are plenty of people doing that already. And more software is being built around the idea of researching the brain. So, we aren't set in stone, ready to build but we are in the right direction.


I would like to join the group too. I have an email a skype an oovoo and other communication apps. If you could pm me I could give you one of them so that I can join:). I'm also in a group that's going to different schools to make this happen. Even though we have said anything in a while since we are all busy. But yeah I'm 14 and going into highschool. So I'm going to go into IT so that I can learn more about coding. 

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I've been reading both the initial forum of this thread and the volunteering thread. Now I'm definitely on board with this whole volunteering thing, I'm willing to test, write code, research, and develop hardware. Cooperation is key in making your goals possible. So far what I've read in both threads is that very smart people smarter than me have been going back and forth touching on the same information as the last guy. 


Now obviously travel and clear communication is going to play a big role in making all this come together. I feel we need a "spearhead" pretty much of someone to lead this into fruition, we also need hardware jockeys and code monkeys, we need testers and "guinea pigs", and we need researchers.


We have all of these roles right here we just have to get some more organization in these threads so please feel free to reply with your ideas too!



I look forward to helping out in anyway possible!!

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I'm not too familiar with this thread (I read it a long time ago and did reread the first post from 2+ YEARS AGO) but I would like to respond to Shaymin9899.


People who go on crowdfunding sites generally have demonstrable technology. Therefore, crowdfunding would be hard to do (you'd have to have some sort of noteworthy tech not already available in the form you present. Plus it would look scammy. You're an internet group of people who came together on the forums offering high level tech. Also, who would get the money? Each internet person evenly? The person who started the group? What if you're all in different countries? What's your legal structure?). Beyond that, a full VR headset would need a crazy high budget.


Those are the main two issues behind internet companies in my opinion. Money and legal structure. I know startups are a thing that can provide high level tech but the people behind them generally have met face to face and are nearby each other. That isn't the case here. They also have a small team at the start yet this is just an anyone scenario (as suggested by the initial post and the few responses I've read again).


I don't know if anything ever came of this that is still active (I know Nerve (dead; replaced by my group) has history on these forums, 17robots did something too (alive but private IIRC)...) but personally, I believe you are better off going to your college's labs/looking for an internship/doing homebrew stuff. This is a great field yet it's hard to break into professionally. What odds would internet strangers have?


As you mentioned crowdfunding, I'm sure you had at least an inkling of an idea for it. If you have any idea for a crowdfunding campaign that could be utilized, I would be interested as any I can think of would fail. I have no commercial ties to the industry and my group just does research so don't worry about me stealing anything ;)



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Hello.... Screw it i will get straight to the point i am a 19 year old, male, gamer who in this life would love to be one of the first (dare i call myself a beta tester :innocent: ) to play a full dive Virtual reality game i read the majority of the original post and will continue to read what everyone is posting about (from 2014 - 2018). i don't necessarily know the rules to participating

or if were even close to a testing phase but i am willing to submit myself to test a model (with a decent success chance of course). I don't necessarily wanna call my self a test subject but that's technically what it would be. i don't mind being hooked up physically to a machine or even being surrounded by microwave signals to stimulate my brain. ill try my best to always look back towards this page since i am also in college but i am ready for Full Dive Technology..... even if  i end up trapped in a death game.


Email: [email protected]

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Although I am young, I can still learn, I'm also very interested in FullDive Technology. FullDive is the next step into the future, once the step is complete people all around the world will be able to see what they can be missing, they can see what the world is like if magic, skills, etc, the reality people want, they would be able to have it, the reality people want will come true if we make the FullDive Technology, people have already made the Virtual Reality Technology, now we need to make the next step into reality and make FullDive technology! I am going to work hard, in fact harder than I have ever worked to make FullDive possible.

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well guys .... its almoste here our dream is almoste here i just cant wait i realy cant for now i try to lucid dream just to go to aincrad .... get to asuna xdd iknow iknow but i feel this is the thing in life i want the moste i dont know why i was 8 years old when i first saw sao and been obsessed with it ever sins .... see u all in the other world remember my name Excallion i wil be there

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