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  1. I recently came across an article, released about a month ago, about a new method for brain stimulation that may be the best method so far. It's called TI Stimulation (at least that's what we call it now) Article It allows deep brain stimulation without stimulating any overlying areas of the brain. It works by getting 2 electric fields (it may be easier to understand if you think of the electric fields as waves) to interefere with each other. Each electric field's frequency is too high to stimulate neurons. When the 2 fields meet, they temporally interefere, to create an 'envelope' a
  2. The wiki describes Kirito's PC having a 24GHz Diamond processor IIRC. I wouldn't be surprised if the Nerve Gear had some on board chips though (at least a data converter/formatter). [email protected]
  3. @Samlw23 It's interesting how you've thought of ideas from both 'Fake' VR (essentially non-BCI VR) with your opposing muscles idea and headphones, and 'True' VR (BCI VR) with your helmet comment. I haven't seen that before. Your 3rd and 4th point don't seem to have any problems, but there were some 'flaws' with your 1st and 2nd point. Pain and Touch are different senses. You don't need to be accurate to stimualte pain. It's a common misconception that there are only 5 senses. "But many neurologists identify nine or more senses, and some list as many as 21." - How Many Senses do You Really Ha
  4. No... just no. The dark web are .onion sites, hosted and only accessible through Tor. The DEEP web is all sites not listed on search engines. I think it's generally made that way do to laziness/huge archive/not popular yet it could be for the reasons you mentioned. [email protected]
  5. If there is a bias, it is not logic. It just may have some logic. You're not trying to convert logic into computer logic but a statement partially made out of logic into computer logic (in this case. Sometimes there is just bias).. [email protected]
  6. I don't think every site will have a connection to Google thanks to the Dark Web and the fact the Deep-Clear Web still exists. Google just offers more services. A search engine searches for results. We're just now used to it also giving the answers and pulling up excerpts. [email protected]
  7. @Romer I see what you mean by individual connect now. You mean 'connection', right? In your apple analogy, only 1 of those things was actually a stimuli - seeing the apple. A BCI only has to send an image to the brain by stimulating the correct parts of the brain, and to 'read' the brain so it knows what it wants to do (i.e. pick up the apple.) You can't pack all these signals together as they have to take place in a certain order and they happen in different places. This is what would happen when looking at an apple and then deciding to pick it up in a BCI VR. Seeing the apple - The BCI
  8. Our current technology most certainly is not enough to make a fully imersive BCI, but we are getting closer every day. Unfortunately, I don't understand what you mean by station or by 'individual connect'. Do you mean gathering the signals from different parts of the brain to one place before sending it off to the computer? You may find these links useful to your understanding of how much humans are closer to a fully immersive BCI: This link shows how DARPA artificially stimulated the brain using electrodes to create a sense of touch: http://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2016-10-13 Monkey
  9. Taking control of the body sounds sketchy and there is only actually 6 places we need. Wherever you want to grab each of the five senses (stimulation only) and the motor cortex (read only). There are multiple tools to control various forms of computers with no hands. We have everything from the Kinect to Neurosky headsets to the eMotiv Epoc to professional BCIs. Our brains do to send out stimuli to our motor cortices and various regulatory systems. Ideally you want to block them and use your own. Reversing it wouldn't help and would possibly cause harm (data meant for muscles being
  10. How is "Be on top, and stay on top" a law? int time = 0;string valstat; while (time < 24) { if (textbox1.Text.ToString().ToUpper().Trim() != "TOP") { valstat = "TOP"; } //You had a line here that was equivalent to "valstat;". Why? Just why? time++;} Our code equals the same things. I assume you had functions to add in more code (//insert checks here) yet you did not say that, so I truly don't know. Generally I could figure out what's up via your concept, yet I don't understand that either. Here's your post:1) Be on top (and a weird program that would
  11. I have seen that term elsewhere, written before I used it (yet I hadn't seen it elsewhere when I started using it). Thanks for crediting me, yet while I may be popularizing it, I didn't make it :P Kids will be a major part yet they will likely not be able to pay for such a machine. I honestly do not think a parent would mind once it's been proven as safe BUT I would be more concerned about it even working with their developing brains... I do think parents will be concerned if there's no auto logout BUT as long as they can unplug the headset safely, that shouldn't be an issue. Parental cont
  12. I believe DARPA is trying to make somehting very similair to a True VR. Here's a proposal form that DARPA made in January last year: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=d6357be260091fd05c950d159e3e9473 "DARPA seeks proposals to design, build, demonstrate, and validate a neural interface platform capable of recording from more than 1,000,000 neurons and stimulating more than 100,000 neurons in proposer-defined regions of the human auditory, visual and somatosensory cortex. The complete system must demonstrate high-precision detection, transduction, and encoding of neu
  13. There's a lot more issues with that work as a hobbyist. You need to be way more careful, it's generally involving surgery (currently, implants are the focus), you need people to test on... This device could be used for health. It is muting your outside senses. That means there's no pain. You could make a minified just sight version, with battery, and hook it up to a camera. An issue there is you may not be able to communicate withe the optical nerves. The same thing described above could work with quadriplegics. [email protected]
  14. A visor for time/battery life and nothing else is wasteful. LEDs would be useful. Having a DVD over cartridge doesn't mean devs can't kill you. The machine should only be allowed to write to sensory locations at a low/safe power. Ethernet jacks would be useful but it means you're using the device next to your router. It should be an option, not mandatory. A battery is good to handle emergency shut downs. It shouldn't be hours long though. Diamond CPUs don't exist in practice right now. Also, the fictional NerveGear connected to a PC with a Diamond CPU. The Nerve Gear itself didn't have one. Th
  15. I would say the majority of the threads here exist to design a prototype. None have had public success. You think you can design a full prototype for an EEG device, TMS (or other alike technology) device, overlaid on each other, and all it's controlling circuity, and a bridge to a computer/on board computer within a few hours? Why do you think I, or anyone else, haven't done that? It's a tough job. Say you did get a working design and it becomes production ready. Who produces it? If I design part of the PCB, and nothing else, and I get no money from anyone who uses this design, I can sue t
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