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    Anime, gaming, um let's see music. learning code. Bringing Virtual Reality to life. Learning how to build different machines and learn how to program it to do what I want. I like to Read.
  1. I am going to a high school to study coding. And then I'm also going to be studying neuroscience.
  2. Okay so what about NeuroLinker from Accel World. That could work too, I guess before we can make the NeuroLInker we have to create the Nerve Gear. But I thought I should at least mention it.
  3. No I would not be able to partly because I'm still a kid and have no job. I'm 14 but I can help if I did have one.
  4. Has anybody even started to model out any thing for building this? I mean all we're doing is discussing what we want to do, but not actually doing anything to build it. We have to separate the people who just want to see someone else build this from the people who want to make this real by their own hands.
  5. I would like to join the group too. I have an email a skype an oovoo and other communication apps. If you could pm me I could give you one of them so that I can join:). I'm also in a group that's going to different schools to make this happen. Even though we have said anything in a while since we are all busy. But yeah I'm 14 and going into highschool. So I'm going to go into IT so that I can learn more about coding.
  6. You're right in some ways, but just like playing a videogame you are able to see other characters, and are able to interact with them. We could just code that into the virtual world too. If I'm wrong just say so but I don't think graphics or making the characters or even making the brain think that we're in the real world. Cause just like you said the brain would be receiving the same signals as if it were walking around in the real world.
  7. I think your missing something. The body would already be provided. That's where coding comes into place. So that people will think they're actually moving.
  8. Can I join? I think I have talked on there before but I would love to join it.
  9. Thanks my dad said the we would apply for that school on thursday.
  10. Well the software one. That's the one I really want to do.
  11. Hi I would like to help to and be a potiental partner but I'm only 14 and I don't know how much I could contribute to this. I am going to go to a highschool for coding and I'm also studying the nervous system. I've been interested in something like the nerve gear for a long time now. And I'm really excited with what I've read from you. You're really dedicated to this and I know that the information you share is very limited, but how much have you gotten done. Now I don't mean like the physical product but like with parts. Since you were talking about an engine used for it. Is it a small one or
  12. Hi I've been reading a lot of posts about building something like the nerve gear. I have watched many videos on when we could achieve something like this. I'm 14 and I'm going into highschool next year. What should I take up since I'm thinking of going to a school that has Information Technology and Software Engineering as one high school, then it has biotech school, then the last school is the engineering high school. I'm going to apply here but I was wondering which school you guys think I should apply for. That would be most helpful in creating what we want.
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