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  1. Hello palgoni. I remember you well. How's your break been? And I'd be open to letting you continue on the project with us.
  2. Ahh. I see what you're saying. And as for the stimuli, maybe if there is something that can go into the brain without stimulating different areas. Maybe some frequencies of something might work?
  3. For my first statement, try to think of a grid of some sort of stimuli that is put into the helmet all over, and it is then programmed to stimulate the different areas that we tell it to within the game, or whatever applications get developed for the device.
  4. That again may be true. However, are we even sure that there are actually college professors and students studying this? I feel that the least that we can do is try to bring this to their attention.
  5. Hey MrDonaldCrack do you mind sending me said document. I can message you my email.
  6. True. And because of the fact that our brains are all wired differently that ma also cause a problem.
  7. It will no doubt be a slow process. There is a lot of research to be conducted and a lot of information we need to learn before anyone can even try to put something together let alone any games.
  8. That's interesting,weamy. Have you ever considered the idea of having arrays of stimuli that stimulate clusters of nerves that all serve the same function? If there is ever an in depth study done that's purpose is to determine which group of nerves are responsible for certain actions, then that can be used to determine how to program the arrays of stimuli.
  9. That's also a good idea. With the switch, it gives everyone the option to be on the same server though. And if we have a more expanded list of switches you could customize your playing experience. For example, a switch for cooking and a switch for smithing and a switch for combat/sword skills. The player could choose to turn full immersion on for cooking and not combat or smithing and cooking. That would give them greater customization as to how they wanted to play the game, making it more appealing to the customer.
  10. That is true CraigD. We do not necessarily know how real the customer wants the game to be. Take not only the sword skills but the cooking in SAO. It is simple so that someone who has maxed out cooking can make amazing dishes while not having ever cooked in their life. Some people would like this, while others would prefer a more immersive method. Asuna even comments on how simplistic it is, which leads to her being more of a full immersion kind of person. We won't know every persons preference but there should be some sort of way that we could incorporate all of them. Maybe have some sort of
  11. that would be great NotBrad, but I'm not so sure how the customers would like our technology "plugging" into their minds.
  12. That is true, but hopefully with the exponential growth of human knowledge, I would not be surprised if something came up within a couple of years
  13. Yeah I think that the goal is not to trap people and kill them with it
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