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Best Places To Contemplate


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For most of us there are everyday tasks that give us the opportunity to give things in our lives some serious thought. For some it's the shower, in the woods, or long drives alone. These instantances let us delve more deeply into our upcoming decisions, recent personal victories and identify the failures we have made in our lives.


Oddly enough my best time for doing this is cutting grass. It would seem counterintuitive to think anyone can concentrate so close to a loud engine running, but somehow it works for me. Cutting earlier today I thought about issue after issue in my life and beyond.


The spring here on the east coast is exploding right now. Brilliant green, deep reds, and bright yellows. It is a perfect partly cloudy day with a nice breeze. The clouds out over the valley behind my house seem to be rolling in a loose formation. They look like a WW2 armada of ships heading toward me slowly against an azure sky, they are beautiful.


This is where I do a lot of reflection on the past, the future, and the present.  It's where I weigh consequences, where I analyze other people in my life, and where I find reasons to be humble.


I just wanted to start a thread about where and what others do to contemplate.



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I do a lot of my contemplation when I am on long rides on horseback. Today, I took one of my youngsters for the longest journey of her life to date, after hauling with my trailer to an alternate location upon spotting the largest brown bear (grizzly) that I have ever seen close to my original planned place of departure. I am not uncomfortable riding where bears may also roam but I could see no good purpose in putting my young mount into harm's way. After a late spring, the bears are still a bit on the hungry side so best to leave them in peace. :huh:


Here is a photo taken along the way...




As you may observe, excellent contemplation weather. : )

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Any fairly mindless activity lends itself to contemplation; washing dishes, for example, although activities associated with nature may be more condusive, such as walking a labyrinth in a beautiful park or garden. Watching a candle flame burn in a dimly lit room using soft focus vision can be effective.

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Under the Rose, It seems you have some fantastic landscapes in your backyard or right around the corner. I think that scenerey would be helpful no matter what your thinking about.


Gregb, You have a nice pic with your name. I live not far from the New Jersey shoreline. At 5-6-7oclock everyone leaves the crowded beach and goes the boardwalk for rides, food and games of chance. I would always go back down to the empty beach and sit in the Lifegaurd stand facing the ocean. Extremely peaceful and IMHO demands respect.

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