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  1. I agree with you, although since I peg myself a little left of center on the political spectrum and would like to say that misleading stories only come from the far right the truth is I see it across all media outlets these days. As a result I have doubts (as I think/hope many do) about the validity of news stories from any news organization. The problem with this is many people tend to believe the news outlets they identify with. I have lengthy discussions at work with co-workers who are further to the right than I am. They often preface their references to news stories with "I know it's Fo
  2. Too true LG, and for good measure let's keep the media moguls in charge to a minimum. Much easier to control just a few than a healthy environment of differing opinions. "I don't trust words. I even question actions, but never doubt patterns."
  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/nasa-nixes-hunt-for-deadly-asteroids/ar-AADUqh0?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=AARDHP I guess it will take a tragedy......
  4. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/trump-administration-lays-broad-legal-grounds-for-military-strike-on-iran/ar-AADOq5c?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=UE07DHP If in fact Iran breached an agreement it had with the US on enrichment (and I'm not saying they haven't) I don't think they were bound to that agreement that the US withdrew from in 2015. Now if my memory serves right, European countries involved did not withdrawal from the agreement and tried to salvage it. However, the US re-imposed and escalated the sanctions that penalize companies attempting to do any business with Iran. These sanctions n
  5. I agree, that checks and balance crap is a pain in the ***. Besides absolute authority and Democracy go together like peas and carrots.
  6. I really don't understand why you're having trouble wrapping your head around this approach LG. Look at this way, us Americans are like a great hunter who saves a herd of deer the trouble of finding food by killing some of them as a favor to the ones we choose to spare and for the greater good. You see, Americans free the oppressed in countries that don't agree with our ideology by annihilating their fanatical leadership. In this way we can install a "free thinking" democratic system where they will be free to believe in any ideology they wish........wait that can't be right???? Anyway the
  7. The initial invasion may have been swift, but I seem to remember having our troops and several US allies over there a bit longer. Let us hope the people in positions of power on both sides can find the wisdom to reason with each other. It's true our military is much more advanced as it was in Iraq, but still many brave men and women died in the conflict. Not to mention the horrific toll on the Iraqi general population. Let's be honest Iran is without a doubt a problem child and I'm not always against war if it's needed. All I'm suggesting is before we subject US forces, it's allies, and th
  8. My industry is drinking water, my company is a publically traded water utility. Traded on the NYSE under WTR. I can't agree more about the experience, we have experienced a wave of retirements recently and it's been a challenge to get our new personnel up to speed. I've been at it 30 yrs.and actually enjoy working with new employees that are willing to learn. One of the biggest obstacles is convincing them that not all problems and solutions can be found through the computer. When I started years ago there were no computers and much less regulation. When a filter needed to be washed an op
  9. Ahhhh Fahrquad, The fun and fond memories I have had with NPDES sites at my water plants and my operators who collect the samples are near and dear to my heart. The comments they add to the official test data log about the samples has put me on a first name basis with everyone who works for DEP in southeastern PA. We draw from surface rivers and creeks to supply the plants. Since introducing residual and plant wastewater back to the front of the process has proved more difficult than it's worth, we don't attempt it anymore. We have 3 large settling lagoons to help, where we add So2 and polym
  10. OK, Just to be clear, we're discussing old man fantasies, Steve Bannon, and what we would do with a sudden unexpected windfall of the almighty dollar? Here goes, I walk out of the lottery headquarters with cheap luggage packed with my winnings. Then it's right to the closest bowling alley locker room to stash a few million from creditors, the IRS, and the bank collection mugs. I sure don't want to end up like these poor poor hard luck cases below. I'm a hide it in plain sight kind of guy. Then it's right to the river bank. It's a bright sunny day, and I'm just sitting by the river side wi
  11. Agreed OB, Lets hope the ubiquitous sky-net is up to the task. I don't think it will be that much of an adjustment for me. I get yelled at by technology all day long. My office printer scolding me for starving it of paper, airport metal detectors upset over my belt buckle style, credit card machines pissed because I inserted my smart chip purchase tracking device in it wrong. The list goes on and on, but I tolerate for now. I will say this though, the first time nursemaid nanotechnology puts my adult diaper on sideways, IT'S GOING TO GET UGLY!!!
  12. https://www.space.com/india-anti-satellite-test-significance.html By this article LEO seems to be semantics Fahrquad. If a country has the capability at one orbit to take out sats they have at others, and if they don't they're not far from acquiring it. From your post the 8100 sats put up since Sput didn't surprise, but the 40 countries responsible for it did. I didn't know that many countries had or have had the capability to put that many up. Interesting!
  13. Hi LaurieAG - Good to hear from you again. Not to interject politics into the conversation, but the bottom of your article suggests India didn't inform Pakistan (or anyone else) about the test before hand. Seems a little risky on India's part to me, considering the state of the relationship between the two countries at present. In respect to the debris created, space junk, and available space for all the players, it is quickly reaching a tipping point. To make matters worse, cube sats being deployed by the dozens per launch is quickly making the situation even more unmanageable.
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