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  1. Excerpt of the CPU's thoughts in the 70's Bag of Meat, born ,12.8.78:14.27 Bag of meat, Incubator 28yrs old, profile; base, file 12543-b42. External profile; base, file 5334855-xcf4557. (Typical inner city western response system, ability to adapt to environmental change 40%, molars will be crooked at 76 ...etc you get the idea) Bag of Meat, Sperm donor 20yrs old, profile, base ---bla blah blah Decision: Apply file 9994004-babyAboomer.Xhippy,violent at 17. Place amongst group 475593-wee-wee toddler symbios - 67 - group rate is %34 of average evolvablilty, Journalistic utliisation 89% of po
  2. I think people should have the choice, and not be baptised/circumsised by google/microsoft/yahoo/baidoo, on the decision of the parent. I understand that, what happens is that the proportion of the society that is chipless, is unable too partake in the chipped society. Well, here is news about the Chip 'n Dales. Once, humanity is fully chipped, can ANYONE on this chipped planet think of ANYTHING todo other than , advanced math (which is pointless b/c the interface that is the chip and you too the cloud, outcompetes your sorry pathetic mind) or Recording each other f like rabbits? , which i
  3. Take it easy Rock man. The opening sentence is just not worded in YOUR vernacular. Yes the statement his strong, and evocative...but it is correct (however succinct). Man(Hu) HAS been trying to live forever (for some strange reason). Alot of people justify their last moments in life in the manner that, at least I contributed this or that, which is their method of justifying perpetuity. These people I call the ones trying to cover all bases, they do-not believe in an after life, and feel as though they need too make it so that a legacy of themselves exists (positive or negative). Strange pa
  4. People have private conversations, when they know they are not being observed. Language that is public, is quite different too that which is acquired by those that have a taste for 'better things'. Some cultures would be interesting too look over the shoulders of. Listening in, wouldn't stop at just linguistics, and writing styles. You (as a bored spy) would want more...like what happens in the bedroom, maybe the karma sutra is missing a couple pages.
  5. When those in power are bored, who do they spy on? Do they just watch the sports? You have all that technology at your disposal, and you know that your days are numbered, especially so because you must be doing a great job. It is already obvious what they do, but now that alot of us are aware of what they do in thier spare time, how do thier conversations go? What do they talk about? I think they enjoy spying on people based on thier interests. They may start spying on simple folk, the type that are watching the sports, but these guys aren't working they don't actually do anything anymor
  6. How old was I though...an entire population. Jolly St who? now that i *** too think of it Free mason : that's a oxy moron, hungry quacks...write?
  7. You are supposed too end it in "That is" and start it with "I say I say"
  8. Hey remember the days of ie. An emrican tourists asks the stall holder for the price: The travel guide has stated that in this country people like to haggle, and you should never pay cost price, somewhere amidst the haggling ie slips into the banter. Now the stall holder doesn't know if the emerican is full of ecstasy or trying to make a funny. The merrycan now starts describing their life history, and how the wallet being sold is actually not necessary because, ie I don't really want to buy off you, ie. I have a money clip ,ie. I just want your wallet to tell people back home how hard it wa
  9. Adobe girls, desktop publishing, printing and the Macintosh....demand, yeah right. The demand was driven by a sector that couldn't use more than one button. The demand was SOLD by a clever few. Alot of girls score copies of Adobe photoshop for...for?, for? Toouching up thier booty before upload too facebook? PS: GIMP is still for free. , its not demanded though: I can install it onto an unwitting end users computer and it will never get used. I can talk to a college taught 3d artist and they would not have even heard of Blender3D. Demand - yeah, wrought more like it. If you ask any web
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camber_angle Camber pot , what ? "0" Brown ? Hmmm Was it funny? Alignment? ohh you mean 45 , G?, doesn't matter what planet your on...oh ok good bacteria? What else is thier? Thumbs? All thumbs? What both hands?, nah opposite to culture, do right, ie. opposite too Yah accuser!!
  11. I am certain you are capable of writing. I am certain that you are capable of writing. You are capable of writing, in my (what I perceived to be) opinion. COMMA Readable sentences. fluent readable sentences. fluent sentences. fluent effective sentences fluent effective, readable, well versed sentences. fluent effective, readable, versed and truthful thought. diatribe. Do you see the mistake: You weren't writing a list. If you had have only used one descriptor, then you are correct. I am certain that you are capable of writing fluent, sentences. , but this is wrong too. I am certain t
  12. It's like talking to a wall...that is trying to make me write more. Hmmm let me see, Raccoons? Nahh I've never seen one in real life, it's not my poetry. Pidgeons are being killed off in many cities around the world. The techinque is building them a cosy Pidgeon shelter, and collecting their eggs. The forum topic is "I used to like Pidgeons" , the assumption the reader is supposed to make is that either the writer can't get to a city, or returned to find that the pidgeons are gone.
  13. What extravagant destagnum! Yeah, They are :: They're was frowned upon for a long time, even aren't is making it into common speech. --> Only took 30yrs now it's accepted even in the highest of diatribe. I have noticed magazines are starting too use the extended character set available on the computer, love hearts and smiley faces. It would be interesting too find out what happens to writing in the next 30yrs. I'm not copying and pasting for the sake of this argument (comma), your a versed individual, it was a simple mistake., my correction to your mistake is already in the previous
  14. Have you ever visited a city? Did you notice the pidgeons? It never occurred to me that I actually really enjoyed the guys. There was always a little stumpy one with the get go to attack the others to try and get a bite. There were the albino and half albino ones, that you wondered to yourself, I wonder if they will find a wife? The pidgeons from cities are gone. Is the place better now? I remember thinking to myself, the last time they were there, we don't own the city, they do. I wonder where they all went? To heaven, no they didn't...they all just died of old age. The city and the peo
  15. I'm pretty sure pools out is the right spelling. Pool of mud , ie. it has a meniscus. Pools Out - must be coming from a source, and yet looks like it may become a Pool of 'aaaaa'. Magma (inside) pools out into Lava(outside) flow. In this case the meniscus isn't a meniscus, but I think you get it now. Whipped out the google translate... stagnum de , or in english latin, destagnum. ,, hey can I take credit for it? Cite Hnr. ErlyRisa Destagnum VERB 1. a body of liquid expelling from an unkown. 2.a contained pool of liquid or conglomerate body that comes out.NOUN usage.The destagnum was quic
  16. Acuuracy? its Hyperbole. It's not from a source, its a diatribe of a one person. I'm not really interested in selling it, but if it helps Discover Magazine, then hey whatever I can do to jog a different mind set and get the creative juices flowing. I like rabbits, they are cute, they need carrots too. If you were in a democracy that included the rabbits, and the rabbits had to run treadmills inorder to power CPU's for the humans, then I am sure that the rabbits would not vote for it - the demand that is niche, sometimes requires recruitment of the unwilling in order for the fruition of a nic
  17. 1. Maybe i'm spelling it wrong: pouls ? poules? ...pools out, is common vernacular in my country of origin: It is sad me ALL have to learn the Americano to get by. 2. LOL - FAKE!!! , I know, It would easir if I were arty-farty...pseudo-hippy, I like that too! I could write a paper on that. 2b.. Science forum? 2c.. Planet, yep, just got figure out how to make nano-tubes in me backyard and I'm halfway there. (Gone, seeyas, goodbye, goodriddance) 3. So I guess the wife does all the baking (Your presumption of the logic in 4. is right though, hence answering 3.) 3.b. Quenched. 3.c. "Aero
  18. Actually - in many cases no. eg. CPU At first inception their was no demand for it...and even upto the era of Windows XP thier really was no real demand for computer power: It was niche markets that accelerated the demand (banks, Gaming) It was actually the demand for communication (internet) that promoted the CPU. It's not the CPU that people are after, its the ability too communicate in the medium being provided (even though the old analog Telephone was the method of communication it is still the most utilised sytem of communication (speech) , or in other words, people really only use thei
  19. 1. Biology - the subject, and yes life (once you have seen the videos) too a person that played with Lego growing up: I understood cell tobe like a peice of lego - theres lots of different sizes and colour and thats all I knew. I will admit I wasn't too interested in biology growing up, but after watching the videos and doing some light study its amazing! 2. Biology and general explanations. When I did learn 6 months of introductory biology, it dawned on my why I never paid attention in highschool. There are so many parts with individual names, and names of processes, that when I was a c
  20. Wow, your back. But me, and Brett are the type that are prejudice from birth. (Brett not so much, he seems better than me) You cannot remove guilt once you are branded for public hanging. I have tried forum style conversations, and yes, there is a strange level of nuances and maturity required inorder to not apply prejudice. ...but you cannot get an elephant to forget how it's life started when it was whipped by its master. , and a Human is not a master. ie. There is no forgiveness here, and I am not about too learn french for your benefit. I understand the method by which a certain se
  21. Pools out - thought so... so let's say we are on a planet with a stronger gravity and a very thick atmosphere, then lava flows would be more like a chocolate cake with too much baking soda. A shocked solidification would entrap the CO2 (baking soda). How the CO2 escaped over time and leaves the ambient atmosphere as porosity is a side discussion. -Discovery documentaries ALWAYS slip in a wrong statement so that the versed in a room of viewers have something too discuss, and so that the un-versed become attracted too the versed that make the statement...hence romance in the room. (Advanced ps
  22. Moderation note: the first 2 posts of this thread were moved from Fertilization Of A Chicken Egg because they are off topic and don't back up their claims with links of references. Fertilised Component. He's thinking algorithmically, not linguistically. LIKE ME -> Thanks. Biology is the worst linguistic science domain. The method of it's evolution is like watching the evolution of finding another particle in an accelerator and naming it according too todays weather pattern. Thankfully CGI to the rescue...I have seen a utube video of Transcription to the molecule. One
  23. The most I know about geology/minerolgy/geophysics is what I learnt in the movie 'Escape From LA' I'm not testing. ...but I did introduce a new keyword. In the country I was raised we didn't learn anything about magnetism that deep. They just gave us a horse-shoe magnet and made us magnetise a pin and string with some thread. (and of course now I know why all of us in the class failed - the twine was stronger than the magnetic feild) It took ten years of a person awake and somewhat interested in the topic too see a survival movie/doco in which you place the needle into a clean bowl of w
  24. Are you sure!!!? :zip: igneous rock? - does that mean from volcanoe? Magnetical rocks grouped - apparently there are 3 types? - are these the Northern hemisphere rocks? How about the south? Would they not have different names, eg. Southern 4 degree magnetic north rock, or north Asian south pointer poorus crystal? I love wikipedia, but its getting too easy. I does all my book smartin veeeha the Discovery Channels, I watch while I visit me grandpappie. Colloids is a great topic (everything is in reverse, and goes against first hand logic, much like the Pisa and Galleos feather vs. Bowlo
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