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  1. LaurieAG


    LOL, do you make up all of your stuff as you go along? Antibiotics just get rid of the lung infections that kill people after they catch coronavirus. And they still don't know how Covid 19 went from animal to animal to humans.
  2. LaurieAG


    Don't forget about Saddam Hussein's troops ripping babies out of humidicribs in Kuwait, his associations with religious fanatics and his WMD. Oh, I forgot, this was just propaganda for gullible people to swallow. BTW, you put the wrong title on this thread.
  3. In Australia the right wing of the left wing political party (the ones who went into a coalition with the Greens and introduced a carbon tax despite promising the opposite before the election) have recently classified blue collar workers as 'conservatives' and claim the left wing of the left wing political party is in bed with the Greens. So according to them the Russian and Chinese revolutions were conservative revolutions. Both of the links below refer to a country and a state with conservative governments. While the conservatives have been in power in the UK for around 10 years the Sou
  4. Hi Mitch, welcome to Hypography. Where did you see it, i.e. was it in the west or over the ocean?
  5. Welcome to the forum jamesfairclear. While you present a nice lateral look at things the problem lies in that a frequency, relative or otherwise, relies on a rate which itself is based on a fixed period.
  6. Hi Anssi, Your paper has to have lots of comments as you aren't just addressing one paradox. You could possibly improve the clarity by adding a number/title to each section to define which type of paradox, as identified in the (numbered?) list at the start,that you are addressing in that section. Also don't forget that the S in SR means special and examples are deliberately constructed to give consistent and non paradoxical outcomes. Good luck. 🙂
  7. MRE means Meal Ready to Eat. Sir C. Stanton Hicks, a kiwi who spent much time in Australia, introduced science based nutrition into the military MRE as we know it today, among other things. When he went to the US in 1944 (the US military used no real nutrition standards like the British) they wanted to hire him on the spot but he declined. I read the book recently and it is a very interesting read. http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/hicks-sir-cedric-stanton-10499 https://www.morgansrarebooks.com/products/who-called-the-cook-a-bastard-by-c-stanton-hicks
  8. Your numbers are way out of date. As of yesterday Victoria, with a population of 6.5 million, has a total of 15,863 infected with Covid 19 and 275 deaths. My state Queensland, with a population of 5 million, has 1,089 infected with Covid 19 and 6 deaths. https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid-19-current-situation-and-case-numbers#total-cases-and-deaths-by-state-and-territory
  9. Several weeks ago, when Melbourne was in a stage 3 lockdown, the ADF door knocked 500 people, who had been tested as having Covid 19 and were supposed to be self isolating, and they found that 25% were absent and only 5% of them were out for a legitimate reason. After Melbourne went to a stage 4 lock down shortly after.the ADF did another door knock on a larger number of infected people and found that 20% were not at home and once again only 5% had a legitimate reason. People who are infected with Covid 19 and don't self isolate are a danger to society, period.
  10. Until we can go to the Andromeda galaxy/send a probe and view the visible universe from that location, or any other, we will be stuck with viewing the same 'special' visible universe from our own limited perspective. That's the point I was making. I have no doubt that light travels at the same velocity in all frames and that there is no preferred frame. I also said that more than just a frame is required to solve certain problems (like Gron's Fig 9 Part C) without distorting the geometry (and I haven't seen any successful solution that uses frames as opposed to Gron's 'optical appearance' pl
  11. Anssi, whether we like it or not we are at the center of the visible universe and there's nothing much we can do about it apart from constructing our models to reflect this limitation, otherwise we just tie ourselves in knots with paradoxes. I bet the ancient Greeks always observed what happened at the finish line despite Zeno's mathematical constructs. :) Over a decade ago or so they referred to movement of galaxies you refer to as the Hubble flow but they have more recently redefined the definition as describing the motion of galaxies due solely to the expansion of the Universe, a subtle b
  12. Yes Anssi, :) there's also the higher level paradox that the BB theory has 'nothing' outside of it, something that we can't really observe anyway, and 'something' outside of our BB 'bubble' is not considered because we can't observe it lol, even though it would remove the need for 'dark matter'. ;)
  13. Hi Anssi, The 2xpi discrepancy could merely be the difference between the standard Compton wavelength, the reduced Compton wavelength and the nature of universal matter calculations and observational data calculations as the Λ in ΛCDM is just 1 of 3 lambda's involved. Wikipedia describes the differences between the reduced/standard forms and the different types of equations they are used in. Gravitational mass and inertial mass are essentially the same while the CMBR is observed photons of a specific wavelength. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compton_wavelength#Distinction_between_reduced_a
  14. Hi AnssiH, Yes, that's correct, they found out that the long way in the other website as only the single length contraction to the spoke was necessary (no correct answer with more than 1) to identify the emission point at its tip and the rest was the photon traveling at c in a direct straight line. As Gron put it 'optical appearance' 'at retarded points in time'. One interesting thing, that was not identified in the paper, is that the lengths of the lines from each emission point to the camera in the part C plot are the photon travel times scaled to the radius length in c (the plot is 2D + t
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