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  1. I suppose Gron utilizes simplification to remove some of the inherent issues arising from the (over) analysis of the problem. 😉 While there is no z axis in the model, to avoid Born rigidity issues, removing the y axis, to verify the consistent velocity of the wheel between emission events, does not result in any inconsistencies with the model as a whole. The following link has contact details although you must create a free membership at ResearchGate. It appears that he is still active. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Oyvind-Gron-2
  2. My post in that thread referred to a solution to Gron's Figure 9 part c exercise, the optical appearance of photons emitted from a rotating ring, that does accurately describe the relative effects observed in the rotating frame, the axle frame being the center of gravity and the observer being in the same plane as the axle/ring. https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/36985-the-actual-solution-to-the-ehrenfest-paradox-relativistic-spinning-disk/?tab=comments#comment-386650 I think the main benefit of this type of analysis is that there is no possibility that the emitted photons will trav
  3. Merely that 2*pi is the conversion factor between polar and Cartesian coordinate systems. I came across the following paper, Assessment of the relativistic rotational transformations, that you might be interested in with regards to data mapping and rotations. https://www.worldscientific.com/doi/abs/10.1142/S0217732321501133
  4. That reminds me of the matter ratio's in the Lambda CDM model results, albeit not GR, when you consider a 'flat' universe modeled on the surface of a sphere. In both the PLANCK and WMAP data the ratio of total calculated universal matter percentages (dm + vm) divided by vm equals 2*pi +/- 1.1% (i.e. the relative density of all matter to all visible matter equals 2*pi).
  5. When things are either too big to measure or too small to measure the end result is the same if you ignore what you can't measure, yet! 😉
  6. Hi AnssiH, This reminds me of a thread on another forum (13,863 posts) that was basically about the difference between mind dependent reality (MDR) and mind independent reality (MIR) particularly with regards to scientific consensus. In essence MDR is a 'now' concept at the core of the scientific method that appears to be short sighted and have no real understanding of its own evolution to the extent that it discounts the 'reality' of that which it doesn't understand (MIR). In a similar way the requirement that our 'universe' expands into nothing leads our physics into the dim r
  7. LOL, do you make up all of your stuff as you go along? Antibiotics just get rid of the lung infections that kill people after they catch coronavirus. And they still don't know how Covid 19 went from animal to animal to humans.
  8. Don't forget about Saddam Hussein's troops ripping babies out of humidicribs in Kuwait, his associations with religious fanatics and his WMD. Oh, I forgot, this was just propaganda for gullible people to swallow. BTW, you put the wrong title on this thread.
  9. In Australia the right wing of the left wing political party (the ones who went into a coalition with the Greens and introduced a carbon tax despite promising the opposite before the election) have recently classified blue collar workers as 'conservatives' and claim the left wing of the left wing political party is in bed with the Greens. So according to them the Russian and Chinese revolutions were conservative revolutions. Both of the links below refer to a country and a state with conservative governments. While the conservatives have been in power in the UK for around 10 years the Sou
  10. Hi Mitch, welcome to Hypography. Where did you see it, i.e. was it in the west or over the ocean?
  11. Welcome to the forum jamesfairclear. While you present a nice lateral look at things the problem lies in that a frequency, relative or otherwise, relies on a rate which itself is based on a fixed period.
  12. Hi Anssi, Your paper has to have lots of comments as you aren't just addressing one paradox. You could possibly improve the clarity by adding a number/title to each section to define which type of paradox, as identified in the (numbered?) list at the start,that you are addressing in that section. Also don't forget that the S in SR means special and examples are deliberately constructed to give consistent and non paradoxical outcomes. Good luck. 🙂
  13. MRE means Meal Ready to Eat. Sir C. Stanton Hicks, a kiwi who spent much time in Australia, introduced science based nutrition into the military MRE as we know it today, among other things. When he went to the US in 1944 (the US military used no real nutrition standards like the British) they wanted to hire him on the spot but he declined. I read the book recently and it is a very interesting read. http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/hicks-sir-cedric-stanton-10499 https://www.morgansrarebooks.com/products/who-called-the-cook-a-bastard-by-c-stanton-hicks
  14. Your numbers are way out of date. As of yesterday Victoria, with a population of 6.5 million, has a total of 15,863 infected with Covid 19 and 275 deaths. My state Queensland, with a population of 5 million, has 1,089 infected with Covid 19 and 6 deaths. https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid-19-current-situation-and-case-numbers#total-cases-and-deaths-by-state-and-territory
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