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  1. no question about it, I need 7-8 hours otherwise I'm hurting the next day
  2. Yeah there were a few, but in my first viewing I was able to just enjoy the atmosphere. I was genuinely intrigued and creeped out. Love that feeling.
  3. Alien series without a doubt and the Prometheus series could be good. Star Wars and Star Trek are good too tho!
  4. This youtube animation is perfectly depressing
  5. chrome should work again, sorry about that :)
  6. This happened in my area. I went to their middle school :(
  7. The math tags are inline and you can use double dollar signs for equations on a new line. I have gone and converted old tags.
  8. I'll work on this later today or tomorrow. Thanks
  9. I couldn't believe this story. He must have taken way too much.
  10. Just saw the new X-Men movie and really enjoyed it!
  11. We are working on bringing Math back.
  12. Costa Rica trying hard to get a win from Italy. I love upsets!
  13. Looks good! I'm a little surprised it's taken this long!
  14. Spain is a half away from being bounced from the WC!
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