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Finally - a new prize quiz!


lefthttp://hypography.com/gallery/files/5/06_lg_web_thumb.jpg[/img]Due to the recent server move and platform change, it has been a while since we had a prize quiz. But fear not! There will be more!


And why not start off with our Hubble Space Telescope Quiz? One lucky winner will get a great Hubble documentary on DVD, produced by the European Space Agency...this one is not for sale anywhere as far as I know!

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Quiz finished!

Your score: 700 out of 700 points.


You have 20 correct out of 20 questions.



You got all the answers correct.


Entry form-

Please complete this form to participate in the prize drawing. The winner and correct answers will be posted after the drawing.


If you are the lucky winner, we will contact you for address information so we can ship the prize. Note: This information is not used for any other purpose.


Ahhh.... It is complete. After hours of studying and note taking, it's finally over... And I have come out of it the victor.


And now to bask in my own glorious glory. :(

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