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  1. That's kind of an unfair comparison. Of course science won't "cause" the next big war. Science doens't really cause anything. Science is the pursuit of knowledge- that's automatically free. It doesn't affect others, if it's an individual pursuit. If it does involve others, then you NEED their cooperation. Relgion- for some- can be forced on others, and is not an individual pursuit. So of course ideologies can lead to violence. Seems like apples and oranges to me.
  2. As long as you don't take the time to figure out if it works or not, you're ok. yeah dark ages!
  3. for cheap (but tasty) red wine!
  4. I think it's a little funny the way the poll was worded... :hihi:
  5. Are you saying deer teach their wee one's not to stare at bright lights? :surprise:
  6. Like, ya know... "Know what I'm sayin'" and "like" and "hear me" are all filler words. They just take up space in a conversation, allowing the speaker to get by with less content while still managing stay on TV. It's a way for lower vocabulary speakers to get by- "like" and several other... fun words can perform several functions in a sentence as well- noun, verb, identity marker. know what i'm saying?
  7. Thank goodness, we need some space success stories right now...
  8. bumab


    that's pretty funny. i'm going to take a shower.
  9. I'm an ecologist, so somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but... The light does come out, but not as light. Black holes can be thought of as constantly "evaporating." They are always releasing radiation along the edge of an event horizon. Eventually, when stuff stops falling into them, the radiation out will exceed the radiation (and matter) going in, and a black hole will begin to shrink- so what goes in does come out, but not in the manner you were imagining, I think. oh, and that's 1000 posts! wow, i talk a lot.
  10. The legality or ilegality of drugs really only exists to maintain the social norms established by the government in the 60's. We keep the war on drugs going because part of us is defined by our dislike of drugs (i assume it's the hard-working Puritanical part). Thus, to maintain that facet of our identity, we must punish people who would challange that identity. We throw them in jail! Laws exist to perpetuate the social norms of the society in which they were created.
  11. Eh, I drink most days, but I brew my own beer, so it comes with the territory. Got to test the product before it goes to market! :rainbow: Rarely drunk though... once every two monthes maybe, where i'm really gone? something like that.
  12. False. If there was a cure for AIDS, it would have been turned into a 20 dollar a pill profitmaker for the next force in world domination, pharmacutical corporations.
  13. There's also the difference between a lie, an error, and an omission. The government doesn't tell everyone about every little threat to avoid mass panic- omission. The government miscalculates what weapons a certain country has and goes to war- an error. The government invents weapons to go to war- a lie. Depending on your persuasion, an omission can be a lie can be an error. Liar Liar pants on fire! :rainbow:
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