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Yet another incredibly stupid idea from your favorite provider of incredibly stupid ideas.....enjoy



Ie. Theology



Baring your ability to provide a legitimate "ology" feel free to provide the definition or an explanation of someone else's.


originally posted by -D.d- -Theology


The term "theology" literally means the study of God, deriving from the Greek word theos, meaning 'God', and the suffix -ology from the Greek word logos meaning (in this context) "discourse", "theory", or "reasoning".


or you could provide both of course if you wish

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Googology is the study and nomenclature of large numbers, particularly (but not limited to) those related to the googol. Googology, coined by Andre Joyce, is a portmanteau of googol and the Greek "-ology" suffix.


Googology is not to be confused with googlology, the study of the Google search engine and its various other services.:doh:

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