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  1. Personally, I like two types of men - domestic and foreign. mae west
  2. Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. l. buscaglia
  3. I am told that I talk in shorthand and then smudge it. tolkien
  4. long time since i argued religion, especially christianity, so hows 'bout a little devils advocate for some good times. okay pal, lets take a look at your whole chip theory-doesn't make sense really. So if this antichrist was out to get people under his sway, then why would he make the chip so obvious? i mean seriously, about a bazillion religious types out there got this OMG chip thing in their head. So yeah, they would avoid it like the plague. I thought this cat was some great deceiver? Seems like if he was going for the elect of the almighty he might go for something a little more subtle
  5. i havent seen any peer reviews only media hype-until i can see some data this may as well be another loose cord type situation
  6. Seriously rocket- reptilian? for the love of pete, if you drag in nabiru and sumerian conspiracy tripe, then this thread will close indefinitely. Science please, not illogical speculation and provide PROOF not this so called evidence :(
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    hello ence, Welcome to Hypography! :)
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    well thats quite an intro Welcome to Hypography Pudd :)
  9. I am not so sure i get the recreational aspect really. I mean, what does that mean? when i was a punk, i did drugs. Not because it was fun, althought at times it was, but because i was seeking an escape. When i matured, I stopped that nonsense. You know, that situation with my kid was drug related. And his being subjected to religious nutters getting him high and the subsequent attack on his life, has bred such a religious delusion that "god" has told him not to eat, drink or listen to his mom. So i dunno if i have a war on drugs, would have preferred that my adult child had chosen otherwise.
  10. Oh I see. Naw i wasnt trying to come across like that. I am funny about words tho as you can see. Whether that be disease or evil. I take things literally as they are typed. Too often words become a wash and the meaning is obscured. I am tolerant towards individuals beliefs as it is their choice for whatever reason they pursue it. I however, get angered by the sales pitch that seems to take precedence in their lives and then they toss off that ideology on the next generation further perpetuating ignorance
  11. apologist? I wouldnt dare expect you to be so. If anyone on this planet at this very moment has an issue with religion its myself. Maybe you dont know where i am coming from. I dont like or ascribe to religion infact, due to both of my sons current delusional mental states, I wish they had never heard of religion ever. You see here I am different. I am not about good or evil- I am about choice. I could kill that SOB that tried to kill my son and sent him into catatonia/ delusions for 3 months now, but does that make me evil? NO I am simply avenging my pack and that makes me a killer not evil.
  12. Seriously folks, its a matter of choice. You can believe and therefore act upon those beliefs. You can get tied up in groupthink and run a muck as a mob. Anyone can use any justification to kill- doesnt have to be religion. The bottom line out is,the choice of the individual.The indoctrinated children of today are the killers of tomorrow. You can bemoan religion until you are wormfood, but the masses seem to gravitate towards it. Whether that be as a result of fear, or needing a hope or simply an unstable mind. Point is, religion has been here for a long time now and its not going to go away a
  13. total fail :( Sonya please be advised this is a SCIENCE forum and not a venue for posting such ridiculous nonscientific tripe
  14. well arkane, people "take" pictures all the time without permission.Hence why there is creative commons and copywrites and the use of watermarks. No one is claiming that you are downloading them to your comp, all i am saying is give credit where its do and certainly ask permission before use. Do you realise all that is involved with these pics? The amount of time and money that photographers put into their work? I am a photographer and i can tell you that if i found someone just randomly using my pics i would like the recognition and would want to be asked prior.
  15. arkane, are you posting these pics under creative commons licensing? If these pics belong to a photographer who does not utilise that, then you have to ask permission from him/her before using their image.
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