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Yet another incredibly stupid idea from your favorite provider of incredibly stupid ideas.....enjoy



Ie. Theology



Baring your ability to provide a legitimate "ology" feel free to provide the definition or an explanation of someone else's.




The term "theology" literally means the study of God, deriving from the Greek word theos, meaning 'God', and the suffix -ology from the Greek word logos meaning (in this context) "discourse", "theory", or "reasoning".


or you could provide both of course if you wish




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hey! i know the guy that started this and he will...erhm....he will...i uh....erm....never mind. :yeahthat: my best is at your command sir. :rolleyes:


douchebagology: the investigative study of people who have surpassed the levels of jerk and a**hole, however have not yet reached f***r or m*********r. dic.

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silly reptilian:rotfl:


love the link:hihi: A hint perhaps?...of course....I prefer to think of myself as more of an @$$0le type person...makes sence to me especially as @$$hole was the name I was called by me papa more often than not.


i was referring to myself, but if the shoe fits. :yeahthat: yeah, urban dictionary rules!!! lolz


speaking of which, check out the lolzology ova at dat plllace! and i thought we had too much time on our hands. :oh_really: :rolleyes:


Urban Dictionary: lolz

2. lolz (v.) - A leet corruption of lols


Treating lol as a verb (to lol), the he/she/it conjugation of lol in the present indicative tense is 'lols', (i.e. I lol, we lol, he lols).

Using the leet practice of replacing 's' with 'z', this is corrupted to 'lolz' (I lol, we lol, he lolz) ...



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