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New Birth Control for Men


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There's one way to avoid conception. Prevent the semen from reaching the egg. There are two ways of doing this without drugs or latex. One is to simply not emit any semen. The other is to emit the semen somewhere else. :)


Uh, yeah. My son was conceived using this method.


Works GREAT! 'Cause he's awesome!



(Proud dad comment: He has given up no more than six runs in 18 innings pitched at the nine year old level, and he has more strikeouts than walks. He's only allowed to pitch two innings per game. He's a chip off the old block. :cup:)

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I'm not promoting it, but for me, it works.


I've known several people that have had unintended pregnancies this way, which is why I do not recommend it. (but as Reason pointed out, the outcome can be an incredible blessing :) )


I was one. :cup:


But, I was never that good at baseball.



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...I could then have looked on him without the help of admiration, though the catalogue of his endowments had been tabled by his side...
Cymberline?? ;) :) :eek_big: :P :eek_big:




Buffy, where DO you get these references?? :doh: :eek2: :doh:

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