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  1. I guess I just don't get the point of these Rorschach rocks of yours. Is there something you're trying to tell us about youself? If you like seeing faces in things I understand hallucinogens are pretty effective with that.
  2. I like that saying, C1ay. Do you mind if I mirror it and then borrow it? :D
  3. Yes, I agree. Your premise that "God created nature" is not scientifically tenable, which immediately unravels your conclusion about scientific deism. Not to mention, to claim that god cannot lie suggests that god has some knowable limitation, which in reality, is something that is also scientifically unknowable. These are simply your chosen beliefs.
  4. Based on your comments on what distinguishes racism from prejudice, it could therefore be argued that Israeli policy toward the Palistinian people, and the U.S backed power and authority they have exerted over them for decades, could be deemed racist. To me, no matter what your level of power or control, if you hate illegal immigrants in general, that's one thing. If you particularly hate illegal immigrants because they're Hispanic, then that's racist.
  5. Of course, had that lump continued to grow and had a serious impact on your ability to speak or breath, you'd have felt foolish for not heeding the doctor's warning (I say "warning" because that's what it would have been if he'd been right. "Scare tactic" can only be applied once you've determined he was wrong).
  6. Apparently the concept of Corporate Personhood is good at conveying the rights of individuals to corporations, but not the responsibility.
  7. Close enough. It's an old Journey tune. Good job.
  8. Goodbye Stranger - by Supertramp Try this: A new road's waitin', you touched my life Soft and warm on a Summer's night You're the only one, I told you The only one I love The lovely one, I'm thinkin' of :doh:
  9. That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd Here's a good one: :singer: I never realized the passing hours of evening showers A slip noose hanging in my darkest dreams I'm strangled by your haunted social scene Just a pawn out-played by a dominating queen :singer:
  10. REASON


    Nothing you could say could ever make me change my mind about nothing. ;)
  11. I think it's important at this point to clarify what I understand C1ay's point to be. It is not an issue of believing or disbelieving, it is an issue of claiming to have knowledge - I know there is/are god(s) vs. I know there is/are no god(s). His argument is that to make such a claim without evidence or proof, to which in this case there can be none, relagates both claimants to a position of faith to support their claim. CC, I think you have made a thorough case that it does not require faith to disbelieve something. But it may require faith to claim to know something which you can't sup
  12. I completely understand your point here but the difficulty I see with this analogy is that those who may believe there is life elsewhere in the universe can base that presumption on the fact that life exists here. The evidence shows that life can develop in the universe so it is not with absolute faith that one believes that there is life in some form elsewhere, even as we have yet to find any beyond this planet. On the other hand, to claim there is no life elsewhere in the universe is to do so despite the existance of life here, and often the motivation is based in the principle that we are
  13. What makes you think we're not on topic? You don't think we're really talking about dragon collecting do you?
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