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(Sociology) what do you say when your wife/girlfriend says "


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For the question to:


"Does my *** look big in this?"


...the answer can only be:


"Yes, my dear. You've got a fat butt. Eat less. Exercise more. Stop stuffing your face with unhealthy crap, and your *** will fit those pants nicely."


If she kicks you out, you're better off. Chihuauas and fat chicks should be shot.

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You could always just say, "I love you."
Now that, however trivial, is at least better than "What's for dinner tonight honey?".:hihi:


And if a relationship can't withstand fumbling an answer to a question like this, than it probably doesn't have a strong enough foundation in the first place and requires a lot of work, or is doomed to fail.
The point here is "fumbling an answer", exactly. Fumble it, and you're outta here. If it ain't this time, you're on the road out.


Generally speaking, I believe honesty is the best policy in any relationship.
Not every lie is dishonesty. Not every lie is a lie.


What's that old saying? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." And, if you want to be her husband, you are the beholder, the only beholder, and whatever any other guy thinks just plain doesn't count. If her bum is the least exciting thing about her, just tell her it's absolutely fine and then tell her that she's just simply perfect. If you find the slightest difficulty in saying that to her, quit her before it's too late. Even if she keeps giving you another chance, it's no use.


Compliments work; it's in the very nature of the female mind. Most people like to be flattered and will grant more to those who flatter them. It has an especially great effect on a woman, and if you want to be her man it's sine qua non. What is sincerity? It is not when the assert is true, it is when saying it just comes spontaneous.


When I was a student and spent my days in a hangout where a lot of people socialized, one of the many acquaintances I had was a girl that was definitely and unmistakeably plump. She wasn't a fine figure of a woman at all, she was one that Groucho Marx might have said that about. She was quite popular due to her strong character and merry attitude and appeared to accept the way she was. She wasn't a close acquaintance of mine, nor was her personality the one I was looking for in a girl, I just found her likeable. More recently, I was very pleased to see that, after having finally found a boyfriend, she had become very trim, she had noticeable curves but was no longer fat and really knew how to be a kitten.


Anyway, back when she was just plain plump, the only time I heard her make a gloomy remark about her body I turned toward her with a sympathetic upwelling and said: "But you're lean." It just came out so spontaneously, I raised my voice to say it, with a lot of emphasis on 'lean' and a tone like "Don't say such nonsense!" and then a grin. She was taken aback and looked at me slightly stunned, her mouth dropped just that little bit and she smiled dreamily, blinked a few times as if I had told her she looks like Claudia Schiffer or Audrey Hepburn, as if I had peeled her a grape, then she tossed her head to one side with a delighted smile and said: "I could give ya a big kiss!" This came out in a rich voice, I wasn't after her and hadn't expected such a reaction, I felt quite embarrassed; it made my grin become a meek, timid smile and my gaze go down to the floor a sec, then I looked back up at her and we just smiled and laughed. If I had been seriously thinking of her I could have just walked straight into her arms.


If you think the outfit is unflattering, she deserves to know the truth.
That is obviously a different matter. If it depends on the garment, put it in terms of the garment. Say that she's even better in the other ones.


Who here is going to claim that they have always said the right thing to their partner? Who can admit that they've made mistakes in dealing with the one they love? Well I sure have, and I expect I'll make more.
We all have. Of course. There could be no doubt about it, only a fool would think otherwise. There is the well known and almost trite difference, though: the ability to learn from them.


If she kicks you out, you're better off. Chihuauas and fat chicks should be shot.


Just like Boerseun!

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What if the outfit makes her bum, which is normally perfect, look too big, or too flat, or too wide, or too small?


Are ya gonna tell her? ;)


I do, but I do it in a playful way.

If the jeans honestly make her bum look flat then I'd say:

"Yeah, your bum looks flat in those, but that's good - so no guys will be checking out your sexy bum." :hyper:

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"Yeah, your bum looks flat in those, but that's good - so no guys will be checking out your sexy bum." :googleit:


Good one Freezy. But then after you acknowledged that the outfit/pants were flattening, did she go ahead and wear them anyway, or did she decide to change?


A buddy of mine, who I was talking to about this, had a similar example. He said his wife will put on a particular pair of Lee jeans that make her butt look too flat. He said he just tells her that he doesn't think those are the most flattering jeans and he likes it better when she wears the other ones that enhance her rear.


He definitely doesn't mind if other guys are checking her out because she's with him, and they are secure in that. If anything, it makes him proud and she knows it. And she knows how to reassure him too in those situations.


Yes, believe it or not, men need to be reassured as well, whether they'll admit it or not. :sherlock:

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