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Can a bone have a bullet shot out of it?

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Heres what can happen to people who dont do their own research:   Dont say I didnt try to warn you :D

OK then you can do what you want. ;)   I did think you were trying to do this on your own as a real project and my answers were in relation to that aspect.   Theres a lot of nut cases* out there and

Ahhh... Well, you'll likley want to use the humerus, as it's the most sizeable of the arm bones. However, this bone is subject to fracture (of course, it will vary across subjects in terms of bone density and strength). So, you'd likely get one good shot, then it would be too fractured to allow for precise targeting. If you think about it, even tennis can fracture this bone, so it's not likely the best place for multiple controlled explosions. Probably best to use something more likely to allow for another shot.



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