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  1. Tis the spring migration and my birds are coming in fast now that the weather has broke. Our local crane pair has been back for a few weeks and people are gathering swan information on the meadows. And then I found this: YouTube - Vulture accident http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RcTjdY1aN4 This vulture was lucky. Someone was there when it happened and made the calls to the proper authorities. It survived its broken wing and was released. "There is plenty of evidence for the worldwide scale of this tragedy. The world’s largest and most carefully monitored wind farm, Altamont Pass in C
  2. Follow-up with more information: ""I think the take home message from her work is that the species isn't going to heck in a hand basket all over the place," said Erik Beever, a wildlife ecologist who has studied pikas for the last 16 years and who has tracked the changes in pika populations in the Great Basin." ‘Boulder bunnies’ prove flexible amid warming - Discovery.com- msnbc.com
  3. The format in Science News is messed up.
  4. I got pretty sick of having to scan my 'puter when I visited. Something was shutting down my firewall. I updated java Same problems. I un-installed java Did a bunch of rescans / reboots to clear the system. During the worst of it (firewall shutdown) I was also getting Acrobat errors even though that program was not running. Went through my java temp files and found 3 files with the servehttp or httpserve name. I deleted those thinking there might be something going on with them. Still had issues. After taking out the java AND a rescan, the firewall hasnt shut down and the acrobat err
  5. Do you have info on what malware/virus was found? I came up with PolicePro crap using my malware scan, but I cannot say it was from here or elsewhere where it was installed from.
  6. Again, we are back to what is described in the article as a "formal police request". We do not know if/how many informal police requests were made. Once the police are involved, its all over but the crying. I have a responsibility to know the laws. The USA has laws about the privacy of a minor and victims of crime, hence the blue dots covering the faces of minor victims, even on news reports. Google should have known, via the extensive public documentation of the videos existence on its network, for 2 months prior to the "formal police request" to remove the video. If they did not k
  7. Doug, First let me say I am sorry your family is enduring this loss. My thoughts are with you. It is just a means to an end. Words like Tienemen Square are censored willingly by Google (and other .coms). It (for google) is not about bringing knowledge, it is getting into a market. It is about profits for google. Quote from a news outlet "The company vowed to appeal against the ruling, which it described as "an attack on the fundamental principles of freedom on which the internet was built". " Google executives convicted in Italy over abuse video | Technology | guardian.co.uk Thi
  8. And the moment they began placing goodleAds, they generated content, piggybacked on the user videos. They profited from the exploitation of this attack on the autistic teen. As I understand it, google.it also ignored consumer complaints and 'national outrage' and only responded to police inquiry into the matter. Once the cops get involved its all over but the crying, so to speak. I believe this was google.it that was responsible for content. Multinational corps have a whole bigger can-o-worms. Sure, go pound sand is what they told the italians (ie not guilty). Italian courts (at this
  9. I dont agree with the court ruling but Italy does not have the same freedom of expression that the US does. I also have seen videos/pics on the net which I felt further victimized someone or their family. An example would be when some police in Cal sent emails of a dead girl killed in a car crash to friends, and these horrific pics ended up floating around the internet. Now back to google. I find it hard to have sympathy for a company, who in 2006, worked closely with the Chinese government to censor info and continued this arrangement until finally fed up with hack attempts. The rea
  10. it doesnt have to be sitemap.xml, just a sitemap.htm or html works also (with your sitemap page linking to all the pages on your site). I think the number of pages helps too, such as a minimum of 10 pages or more. Not as sure about where the top end/bottom end are. My pages were last cached by google 2/9/10. Seems to be about every two weeks, but sometimes once a month where google re-caches. More changes to a site make google update more often. Links on other websites back to yours boost search results. 2 years ago a keyword search on a primary aspect of my site put me on page 11
  11. Interesting documentation by an Illinois birder: Golden Eagle attacks White-tailed Deer at Nachusa Grasslands! Great pics
  12. "The pika is thriving at low mountain elevations near Bodie, Calif., at California's Lava Beds National Monument and at Idaho's Craters of the Moon National Monument, it noted. There, pikas have altered their habits "to perform daily activities during the cooler morning and evening periods," it said." U.S. declines to list the American pika as endangered - latimes.com This was the correct decision regarding the listing of the American Pika.
  13. "Realizing the bird was injured, Baladez wrapped it in his leather jacket, strapped it to the back of his Harley Davidson motorcycle and transported it to the Duluth Zoo to find help." Full Story Here: kare11.com | Twin Cities, MN | 'Harley' the rescued bald eagle released Been a few birds brought in from NW wisconsin this fall but not the large numbers like last year. MN and WI struck some kind of a deal now so the birds found closer to the twin cities can be brought across the border for treatment at the Wildlife Rehab Center (raptors were already allowed across). The transmitter idea
  14. At first. But they tend to learn from their mistakes. I think they are more of a risk to self (and others) when they are driving in snow/ice.
  15. Wow. I thought you were a student and understood the degree process. For example, this university offers masters degrees with paleoclimatology. However, the degree is listed as a MS in Geology. Geology Graduate Program Specialties When I worked at the state, I licensed people with degrees for specialized work. We had to review transcripts to ensure that the university was an accredited (approved by the standards set) degree program or that applicant could not be licensed under our department. It did not matter what the degree was called, what mattered was where they were educated. The
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